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SOM 10k Challenge

Open to Band / Solo Acts in Alabama, Maine, Oklahoma, Alaska, Maryland, Oregon, Arizona, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Michigan, Rhode Island, California, Minnesota, South Carolina, Colorado, Mississippi, South Dakota, Connecticut, Missouri, Tennessee, Delaware, Montana, Texas, Florida, Nebraska, Utah, Georgia, Nevada, Vermont, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Virginia, Idaho, New Jersey, Washington, Illinois, New Mexico, West Virginia, Indiana, New York, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Carolina, Wyoming, Kansas, North Dakota, Puerto Rico, Kentucky, Ohio, Virgin Islands, and Louisiana

Dec 30, 2018

1. Choose Beat from The Beat Player: 2. Record the Freestyle (only rule is that the audio and video are to be recorded together) 3. To enter, share a video on Twitter or Instagram freestyling to the instrumental above using hashtag #som1 ...