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Location Mississauga, Ontario


VIP Access Required Mississauga Ontario l5G Canada
PHONE VIP Access Required


Member since: 07/28/2016 Year Founded: 2015
Mail alt 16x12 Mike Gagne
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Mike Gagne




We are a listener-supported, commercial-free internet-only radio station. This means no advertising or annoying commercial interruptions. Our mission is to search out and expose great new music to people who otherwise may never encounter it.

MPG Radio supports unsigned and independent artists, and we want to help great music get heard.

About Submitting Your Music For Broadcast:
To grant permission to MPG Radio to use copyrighted or unsigned artist material royalty free for airplay and promote on selected social media websites.

A full disclosure of our Terms and Conditions can be found on our stations music upload page.


7:00 PM to 8:00 PM