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Molly Sylvia




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I grew up in poverty and in a really bad setting, both my parents were drug addicts and we were often moving from home to home around the age of eight I was adopted and things were really good for a while and then my adopted mother told me she didn't want me that she only wanted my sister and I led a Cinderella like life until I was sent to job corps and I became really happy again and I loved it there. I had made many friends and my school grades were looking really good. But a couple of kids who were drunk came at me and wouldn't leave me alone, they were threatening me and I warned them multiple times to stop . I ended up waking one of them and I got kicked out. Job corps Sent me to Boston because that was the closest city to Swansea. I was there for almost a day on my own with no ride and no home because my parents didn't want me back. I ended up befriending a homeless women who had baught me dinner and stuck with me the whole time she ended up getting the police and we told them the whole situation. they tried contacting my parents but they refused to answer . so they contacted the Swansea police and they got in contact with my parents. My parents pretended to be concerned and said I would be back home and that was a huge lie. My father then drove me to Charleston memorial and checked me in to the hospital claiming I was dangerous. the people at the hospital knew I didn't belong there. Eventually my aunt and uncle took me in and I have been living with them for over a year and my parents wont talk to me or let me see my sister because they are mad at my aunt and uncle because they stopped them from putting me in a shelter or on the streets. My parents put my vocal talent down for many years and I never really got to develop it like I wanted to. I did do vocal lessons for many years but they ended up stopping them because they new I was getting too good. My coaches name was Esther and she was a private vocal coach she coaches many extremely famous singer. I really hope someone is willing to help me get signed a professional vocal contract and help me pursue the dream of becoming a famous singer. This Is a video I had on my youtube channel of me singing.

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