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World, Indie, Acoustic, Folk and Traditional Dance, Kabyle Folk /North African More...


Portland OR United States

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Lounes Matoub


Flag of Freedom Productions (self)

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Member since: 04/10/2014 Year Founded: 1998


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Moh Alileche


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  • Original material: 03 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 01 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 5
  • CDs sold: 3200
  • Digital songs sold: 300
  • Original Songs: 45
  • Average Draw: 100
  • Largest crowd: 225
  • Have sound: No PA
  • Licensed songs: 2


Alileche (pronounced ali LESH )

Moh was born and raised in the Mountains of the Kabylia region of Algeria. From his village, at the age of 9, he taught himself to play traditional Amazigh (Berber) music on a hand-made-single-stringed instrument, evolving to a guitar and later to the North African 10-silkstringed mandol or "agember" in Tamazight language.

His talent on "agember" grew, soon he became known in his region for his skills as a musician, singer and songwriter, resulting in his very first radio (channel 2) interview in 1980 with hosts Medjahed Mouhoub in the capital city of Algiers.

Since his move to the USA in 1990, Moh has a captivated many American audiences with his authentic style. He has participated in a variety of events, including San Diego State International Festival UC Berkeley International Spring Festival, and San Francisco World Music Festival. After the release of the first CD, Tragedy in 2000, several Northern California radio stations have interviewed Moh, including KPFA 94.1 in Berkeley and KALW 91.7 in San Francisco. In 2001, some of his music was incorporated in a movie documentary entitled "The Visionary". His 3rd. Cd "North Africa's Destiny?" was selected best 2005 world music album/ category "Africa", by the Indie Acoustic Project (IAP).
In 2009 he released his 4th CD “In Memory of a Hero”.
The latest CD came out in 2012/2013 called When the Dust Settles/Tamdit b'Wass. Some of the music is incorporated in a new short film
Sending Saïd Home (2014) France.


March 12, 2011
Andrew Gilbert

"Singing in Tamazight, the indigenous language of the Amazigh (or “free people,” better known in the West as Berbers), Alileche performs his arrangements of traditional songs and originals, which alternate between achingly nostalgic descriptions of Kabylia and laments for his people’s continuing oppression".

Muse's Muse

February 25, 2009
Don Sechelski

"A swirling, dancing trip through the North African Berber region of Algeria,"

Earball Media

February 20, 2005
Scott Allan Stevens

" Moh Alileche serves as something of a musical ambassador, calling attention to his people's plight with sadly beautiful music."

San Francisco Chronicle

November 21, 2002
Jonathan Curiel

"Many songs on Moh Alileche's new album evoke rich images of his native Algeria. He even went back to his homeland to record the music, but the Berkeley musician hasn't created a romanticized paean to life there."


December 15, 2001
Ted Swedenburg

"The entire album, whether it deals with overtly political matters, love affairs or traditional weddings, represents Alileche's own militant, artful contribution to the struggle for recognition of the Amazigh (Berber) language and culture."

San Francisco Chronicle

May 21, 2000
Jonathan Curiel

"Alileche is well-known to those who love North African music, but he is still a well-kept secret to other world-music fans."

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