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Piano, Art rock, Indie, Blues Country, Free Jazz, Reggaeton, Rock, Americana, Desert rock, New Wave, Oi!, Soul, Folk rock, Eerie Art Rock More...


Santa Fe NM United States

Sounds Like

Indie, rock soul, blues, jazz - Tom Waits, The Doors, Van morrison, Imagine Dragons, The Sheep Dogs


Tate Music Group

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Member since: 12/01/2014 Year Founded: 1987


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Mitch Lacassagne

santa fe



  • Original material: 06 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 01 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 1
  • CDs sold: 100
  • Digital songs sold: 0
  • Original Songs: 20
  • Average Draw: 50
  • Largest crowd: 300
  • Have sound: Full PA
  • Licensed songs: 11


Mitch Lacassagne captivates and haunts listeners with passion and soul while reflecting on life in his transcendental melodies. Straight out of the gridiron with fingers raking sensitively sustainable keys and a soulful dragged and beaten but still surviving voice. Mitch Lacassagne reflects on his life and others while haunting fans with his soulful mysterious songs. Eerie Indie Rock he calls it. Influenced by many different artists like; The Band, Ted Hawkins, Tom Waits, John Prine, The Allman brothers and The Doors. The endurance of many joys and sorrows contributed to and are expressed in his music.

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