Milton J and The Leftovers

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Alternative, Rap, Hip Hop, Rock Art rock, Grunge, Hardcore, Instrumentals, Progressive Rock, Punk, Latin More...


Frederick MD United States

Sounds Like

Sublime, P.O.D, Atmosphere, Linkin Park, (90s HipHop/Alternative Rock)

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Member since: 08/02/2014 Year Founded: 2009


Mail alt 16x12 Milton Ludington
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Milton Ludington


Vocals / Rhythm Guitar / Writer / Producer 240.367.2813
Mail alt 16x12 Silverio Montano
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Silverio Montano


Mail alt 16x12 Kristina Hong
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Kristina Hong


Lead Guitar 240.315.5148
Mail alt 16x12 Garrett Hall
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Garrett Hall


Drums 240.397.3236
Mail alt 16x12 Edward Hong
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Edward Hong


Bass 240.315.8813


  • Original material: 06 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 01 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 2
  • CDs sold: 50
  • Licensed songs: 31
  • Original Songs: 36
  • Average Draw: 25
  • Largest crowd: 200
  • Have sound: Full PA



Named after acclaimed poet John Milton, Milton Jose Ludington shortened his stage name to MiltonJ in tribute to the author whose words embody the goals that he and his band set to achieve.

It has been 10 years since MiltonJ wrote his first song and 9 years since he started playing the guitar, but he continues to create passionate music that is true to his heart and soul.
MiltonJ was born in Northern California and moved to Maryland as a child. His Mother is Ecuadorian and MiltonJ frequently visits his family in Ecuador, which can be heard in certain aspects of his music. The style that MiltonJ has grown into is vast and undefined, however MiltonJ's composition can be described as a deep combination of alternative rap, rock, acoustic rock, and various other genres. His lyrics are about life, with its struggles that come from time, love, hate, success, defeat, and his experiences growing into adulthood. He is a well-rounded artist that produces, writes, and records all of his own music. His signature sound is instrumental and features the guitar, bass, piano, and drums.
A few years ago members Kristina Hong, Garret Hall and Eddie Slight formed “The Leftovers” and began to play with MiltonJ, which expanded his music, performance and presence that can be heard on the bands first album, “Shadowy Types to Truth.” The group has been traveling around the East Coast regularly. With Eddie Slight (bass) and Kristina Hong (lead guitar) contributing to melody as well as backing vocals and verses (singing and rapping) and Garrett Hall’s mind boggling groove through the drum kit, the music has developed into its own consciousness.

MiltonJ & The Leftovers are located in Frederick, Maryland and take full advantage of the Baltimore-DC metro area. They consider all of their fans, and most evident the loyal family and friends that support the group to be “leftovers.” With much love they thank everyone who has helped them achieve their goals to this point, and with much love thank everyone who will help them continue to create good music. Milton J and The Leftovers are looking for the means to better position themselves in their market. To get the right shows, the right college scenes, venues, and cities that will advance their journey from up and comers to major success.Their music appeals to everyone, which is evidenced by the diverse crowds at their performances. MiltonJ & The Leftovers are the future of music.

Flock Baltimore L.L.C

January 14, 2014
Commish Flock

"Milton J & the Leftovers CAPTIVATE their audience void of modern day parlor tricks & cliches....they are the genuine article! Milton J connects with his audience via his performance...empathy is his virtue and the melodies tell the story while his vocals narrate"

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