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Ambient, World, Acid Jazz, Experiential Gothic, New Age, Industrial, Jazz, Electronic, Celtic, Flamenco, Classical, Mariachi More...


Auburn Hills MI United States

Sounds Like

Kaki King, Al DiMeola, Phil Kaeggy, Anoushka Shankar, Buckethead

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Member since: 04/02/2013 Year Founded: 2005


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Jason Milan

Aubutn Hills

songwriter/guitar 248.345.1359


  • Original material: 02 hrs : 30 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 4
  • CDs sold: 600
  • Digital songs sold: 10
  • Original Songs:
  • Average Draw: 50
  • Largest crowd: 150
  • Have sound: Full PA


Jason Milan was born 12/3/1976 and started playing guitar 11 years later. After developing self taught techniques, he played in a variety of different bands primarily in the rock genre. After gaining experience through performing in bands and churches, he formed Music for Grasshoppers (MFG) in 2005. The "Jihad EP" was released in 2005 and "Moments of Clarity" was born a year later in 2006. Sporadic solo performances at Art Galleries, Coffee Houses, and Restaurants filled up the following 2 years in attempt to promote the 2006 release. During this time visual artistic endeavors and different musical projects aspired and MFG was put on hold. The birth of 2012 marks the formal return for MFG with the release of "Psily Sessions Act 1". Milan is currently playing an abundance of shows and open mics to promote his latest double LP "URIM and THUMMIM."

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