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Rock, Blues, Soul, Pop AAA, Alternative, Grunge, Indie, Jam bands, Psychedelic rock, R&B More...


Detroit MI United States

Sounds Like

The Beatles, The Pixies, Sam Cooke, Jimi Hendrix, Gary Clark Jr.

Digital Location

http://www.mikeleslieband.com musicpage.com/mikeleslieband


Member since: 12/25/2012 Year Founded: 2012


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Mike McDonnell




  • Original material: 01 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 01 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 1
  • CDs sold: 200
  • Original Songs:
  • Average Draw: 150
  • Largest crowd: 300
  • Have sound: Full PA


"Mike Leslie Band has created an effortlessly cool sound which harkens back to when songwriters were blunt and emotions were raw. Think Elliott Smith with B.B. King on guitars". -Gary Bartle (Real Detroit)

The hot summer of 2012 saw the renaissance of Downtown Detroit and the formation of the Mike Leslie Band out of the big bang of old structure, new generation and classic Motor City-born musical styles. MLB offer their eclectic jam twist on pop progressions over rock structure; these gentlemen have strong folk and classic-rock guitar chops yet write around hooks and lyrics to produce urban sonic jewels. Their influences span musical and literary generations, yet are honest and familiar, like your favorite pair of jeans and work boots. Imagine a block party jam session with Johnny Cash, Alabama Shakes, early and late career John Lennon, Sam Cooke, Government Mule, Nirvana, Gary Clark Jr., Hendrix and Jim James. Nietzsche and Capote offer prose inspiration to Mike's songwriting. MLB’s live show is a three-ring circus of primal energy, Motown soul and spur of the moment surprises that translate this fine young Midwestern band from “great album” into “hell of a party”.

Since their Detroit debut show to a sold out crowd at the Magic Stick in December 2012, Mike Leslie Band has been a speeding bullet of buzz and critical acclaim. MLB have sold out headline shows at the classic Michigan market rock and roll mid-sized clubs as well as opened for Three Dog Night, Jimmie Vaughan, Rick Derringer, Sponge, Mitch Ryder and Larry Carlton. In 2013, Mike Leslie Band took command of the Detroit music scene with two Detroit Music Awards, including the People’s Choice Award. On the national scene, MLB showcased at SXSW 2013 and won DOUG FM’s regional crown at Battle of the Bands.

Detroit Live Magazine

January 15, 2014
Detroit Live Magazine

In the last year and a half, MLB has acquired an impressive amount of accolades.

Real Detroit Weekly

January 15, 2014
Gary Bartle

there is one band that's allowed to play as loud and as long as they want – the Mike Leslie Band.

Mike McDonnell, Mike Parrott and Bryan Reilly make up the band. The local boys have created an effortlessly cool band whose sound harkens back to when songwriters were blunt and emotions were raw. Think Elliott Smith with B.B. King on guitars.

Hip in Detroit

December 06, 2012
Hip in Detroit

Hip in Detroit interview

Real Detroit Weekly

December 05, 2012
Alysa Zavala

Rock in its truest sense, those who blindly call themselves fans of anything that graces the radio as such will truly delight in this record, as its musicianship is spot on and it’s lyrics are ubiquitously felt.

The Oakland Press

December 04, 2012
Monica Drake

Mike Leslie Band makes the cover of the Oakland Press Dec. 4th 2012


November 16, 2012
Ryan Getz

The vocal hooks are catchy, poignant & well crafted while the guitar lines are straightforward and precise- a refreshing sound in an era of brash and overly energized rock bands. For their genre and market, Mike Leslie and his crew are onto something very good at the moment


November 13, 2012
Indie Band Guru

The production values seem well beyond a band that has been around for half a year and I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t do the research myself. Mike Leslie Band is definitely one to keep an eye on

Chuck Taylor

October 15, 2012
Chuck Taylor

While the Mike Leslie Band offers the sweaty sonic signature of Downtown Detroit rock troubadours, make no mistake: Their gritty, grimy palette is also polished to perfection, with sing-along hooks to beat the band. Single “Notice” smacks of a radio smash, with a flypaper chorus, alongside pristine vocals and masterful guitars from lead Leslie

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