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Location Reno , NV


777 South Center Street Reno NV 89501 United States
PHONE 775.323.5443


Member since: 11/09/2011 Year Founded: 1959


Just before dawn in May 1947, Steve Maytan drove into Reno. He had less than a dollar in his pocket, & he had dreams of becoming a musician in San Francisco. He stopped at a park near the Truckee River, & as he watched the sun rise, the area's natural beauty fascinated him. He decided he wanted to make Reno his home.

A graduate of the Conn Instrument Repair School, Steve went to work for a local music store as an instrument repairman. Steve then made his way to the Reno Musician's Union &, hired for a Saturday gig, he resumed his music career. He also met Iris Hultberg, who had been hired to play piano for that same gig.

Steve & Iris married in 1949. On April 1, 1959, they opened Modern Music Center in a small gray house on Center Street. They devoted their business & their energy to providing musical resources to the community. In 1979, Steve & Iris built & opened Maytan Music Center in a humble home on Center Street. The small gray house still stands next door to the large corner building that houses the Maytan Music Center we know today.

Steve & Iris' commitment to providing music to our community remains the focus of Maytan Music Center & our family of employees. The Maytan family offers, through every means available, support for local music. When budget cuts threaten the music programs in our community schools, Iris & her family continue the fight to keep music education in schools.

Maytan Music Center also offers on-site instrument lessons, vocal lessons, & youth music programs. From the curious toddler, to the garage band novice, to the seasoned stage professional, Maytan Music Center offers a variety of quality instruments & accessories. We have rental & purchase options to help put the instruments in players' hands.

In an effort to further personal musical growth, Maytan Music Center contributes to a variety of sponsorships & scholarships, just in case you, like Steve, find yourself at a musical crossroads with only spare change in your pocket.