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Location Los Angeles, CA


4564 S Centinela Ave Los Angeles CA 90066 United States
PHONE 310.391.7010 FAX 310.391.4363


Member since: 06/26/2011


Marina Music has been in business for over 20 years under Alex's management, but it has been a music store since at least the 60s, when it was called Betty's Music. At Marina Music we buy, sell and trade musical instruments. We're mostly a guitar store, but have a little bit of almost everything, from autoharps to balalaikas, ethnic drums to vintage drum kits, reissue Fender amps or real vintage amps. We have mixers, drum machines, P.A equipment that we rent, woodwind and brasswind. We are always getting new instruments and weird little instruments from faraway places, so stop by and check us out.

We do a variety of repairs here, from expert set-ups to a full-on Floyd Rose install with body routing. We install pickups, both acoustic and electric, do complete fret jobs or partial refrets and leveling; shape and install bone nuts, etc...

We also work on ethnic stringed instruments of all sorts, specializing in Greek bouzouki. We can make new frets for your saz, or a new bridge, and we can re-glue those ukulele bridges that never seem to stay put, or re-string an oud, tune a cuatro, or a charango, you get the idea.

We have the fastest turnaround in town on repairs; set-ups are usually same day, no longer than two days, while tremolo installs and fret jobs take around three days!


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