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Alternative, Pop, R&B, Soul


Flint MI United States

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Manny Torres




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I am an 18 year r&b/pop/singer-songwriter based out of Flushing, MI. Growing up with my dad being a Pastor, I started off playing the drums for the youth band and learned I had a strong passion for music. I later began to move my way up by learning to play piano and guitar from his father and YouTube tutorials online.

After realizing such a passion for music I decided to give singing a try and really discovered my potential. I branched off by singing covers at local coffee shops and restaurants, to then realize I needed to begin shaping his career. And right about that time is when I auditioned for a show called The Voice. To make a long story short, I went to the open calls in NYC to auditioned. Out of the 40,000 that were in NYC alone only 200 received a call back and I was one of them. I had to return to NYC the following week for the call back audition. Out of the 200 that were their only 50 made it to the Executive callback in LA. and luckily I was one of the 50. I was flown out to California for 10 days for the executive audition and ended up making the show. After those 10 days they flew me back out for about a month to record the show, where I worked with numerous vocal coaches, hair and make up artists, wardrobe specialists, dance choreographers, bands, and so much more. Well, sadly all of the 64 spots to be on the show were taken before I had my chance to audition. But I possibly get a chance to return for the next seasons to come. So you might see me on there one of these days!
I am inspired by artist such as John Mayer, Chirs August, Gavin Degraw, John Legend, Chris Tomlin, and Bruno Mars.

Now after finding my own voice, I share some similarities with these artists that I have always admired but yet still has a unique style to my voice.

I am currently working on my first EP that will be released in August of 2013.

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