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Location Topeka, KS


3400 Southwest 6th Avenue Topeka KS 66606 United States
PHONE 785.272.1740 FAX 785.272.5857


Member since: 06/26/2011


Manning Music is the oldest continuously operated music store in Topeka, Kansas. The music store originated as Green's Music located on the second floor of a building on Kansas Avenue.

Green's Music specialized in pianos, accordians, guitars and even new fangled technological equipment known as stereos. It has been said that the real trick to operating the business was hauling the pianos up and down the stairs.

Lynn and Jane Marquart purchased the business from the Greens in 1956 and the store changed locations several times before settling in Brookwood Shopping Center.

Under the Marquarts, the emphasis of the music store changed to band and orchestral instruments along with a few guitars. They also offered private lessons and a repair shop.

Clifford and Rebecca Manning purchased the store from the Marquarts in 1986, expanding the repair shop and broadening the instrument lines offered through the store.

Becky managed Manning Music and moved it to Gage Blvd. Todd and Deb Manning purchased the store 10 years later and have continued to expand the store, emphasizing honest, personal service. In 2010, Manning Music moved to its current location at 3400 SW 6th Ave., in Topeka.


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