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Location Aurora, CO


2352 Dayton St. Suite A Aurora CO 80010 United States
PHONE 303.495.5003


Member since: 06/26/2011



Spearheaded by the uncompromising creativity and drive of one man – Marcin Biegunajtys – Manmade Media consistently generates outstanding results that exceed client expectations time after time. Always available, always dependable, and a progressive industry leader.

Manmade Media’s development was necessitated seven years ago when Mr. Biegunajtys realized the burgeoning profitability of his freelance design, web development and video enterprises. They were out-growing the rewards of full-time employment! This story is nothing new for Mr. Biegunajtys: pulled out of college at the age of 19 to work at a rapidly growing dot com, Mr. Biegunajtys quickly established himself as the go-to man within his division. Once his services became so in-demand that he could no longer justify the advantages of employment, Mr. Biegunajtys struck out on his own, officially establishing Manmade Media and continuing to out-grow boundaries ever since.

Today, Manmade Media encompasses a 2,000 sq. ft. green screen studio and creative agency in Denver, CO. Manmade has produced media for companies all over the world, with a client list including well-known giants such as Adobe, Canon, Whirlpool, St Jude Medical, Quiznos, and more. If it doesn’t yet exist, Manmade Media will make it. Always evolving, and equipped with a track record worthy of Olympic merit, Manmade Media still operates on a simple principle: little people, big ideas.