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Hip Hop, Rap, Rock


fargo ND United States

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Member since: 02/19/2015 Year Founded: 2010


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701.212.3851 [email protected]


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I go by MAC MERE. I used to go by stage name MAC MORETTI.Given to me by my brother DON VARRI.I am a great lyricist my craft has grown drasticly through time. I started writing raps 5 years ago. I'm from Minneapolis MN. I Moved to St Paul MN at about the age of 15 and began free styling with associates beganing to practice my craft. When I was 16, I got Protools and started producing my own music. I had Featured family member on my first album that I created.Called "SKY LIFE MUSIC" also is my own label I've constructed.My Brother DON VARRI , My unc KALI,and my self MAC MERE are apart of "SKY LIFE MUSIC". We became "T.G. E. " over all as a big branch of SKY LIFE MUSIC. We formed 2 labels together. My Lil guys that were rapping also their label "S.T. E" and our label "S.L. M. " makes "T.G. E." The Gang Ent. I curently still make music often as of everyday. I've made and sold 4 different albums to the public. I've sent a couple albums else were. I'm good at what I do. My craft is incredibly abundant, dope, and fresh to da game. I plan to do something with my skill and grow in the industry as a national artist .I still represent my homies but I'm always gone be the constructor of "SKY LIFE MUSIC" I'm sticking wit it. Fly high. Fresh. I live in Fargo ND currently a solo artist still making music intil I master production skillz n profect my craft as an Artist.I currently have not done live performance yet. But I've sold 2 or 3 CDs to the public and past out 2 of my CDs to the public. I have songs on YouTube also under Mac Mere it will pop up as T.G.E.

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