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Electronic, Instrumentals, Indie, Alternative Dance, Minimalism, Ambient, New Age, New Wave, Hip Hop, Dream pop, Piano, Pop, Synthpop, EDM, Electro, R&B, Eurodance, Trip hop More...


Jackson MS United States

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Pretty Lights

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lostpuppetsociety.bandcamp.com musicpage.com/lostpuppetmusic


Member since: 05/18/2015 Year Founded: 2014


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Lost Puppet Society




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Lost Puppet Society is an electronic music project led by a scrawny teenager who doesn't get enough sun. Based out of Jackson, Mississippi, the project currently displays heavy electronic, hip-hop, and indie-pop influences, but thanks to the indecisive teenage mind, this more than likely won't be a static fact. Lost Puppet Society has been creating and producing electronic and hip hop music for the past four years. Most of it was absolutely terrible, but thanks to aforementioned lack of sun, LPS has honed its skills to the point where some of the melodies are relatively enjoyable.

Lost Puppet Society currently has one full length album in its discography, "As Long As My Eyes Will Let Me," and is in the middle of producing its second full length album, "Life Amongst the Fallen Leaves." Lastly, keep in mind that the Lost Puppet Society project is purely experimental and contains one main purpose: to produce cool stuff. Whether it be music, art, or whatever, the entire project is just a place for an imaginative kid to dump all of his creative findings. And believe me, there will be a lot.

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