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Lonnie Bedell produces the Room Resonance Remover(tm) is a new audio notch filter specifically designed to cut in the 125-540hz range to counteract room resonances that degrade sound quality in PA Systems & Home Stereos. It is designed & built in the USA.

The Room Resonance Remover(tm) cuts up to 30db in the 125-540hz range on 2 separate channels. The RRR has variable settings for frequency, Q (filter width), and depth (amount of cut). Inputs & outputs are line level, and can be configured as RCA or 1/4" jacks at the customer's request. It is available in 9 Volt battery ($129.95) or AC powered ($149.95) versions. High performance 5532AP op amps are used throughout for low noise.

The Room Resonance Remover(tm) is also available as a guitar/bass pedal offering switchable deep cuts in teh 125-540hz range. $109.95.