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Rap, Hip Hop, STREET MUSIC, REAL MUSIC 100 FOR 100 More...


Honolulu HI United States

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Tyga,Lil Wayne,Yo Gotti,Young Jezzy,2 Chains,Meek Millz,Ace Hood,Rick Ross

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Member since: 08/21/2012 Year Founded: 2004


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Justen Jones


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“Lil Justen” aka Tensai
As an up and coming artist I started rapping at the age of 13 (on and off) the actual song that made me want to start rapping, which I still believe to this day mentally influences my music was Ice Cubes “Today was a good day”. That joint right there in my opinion was the style of music that people needed. Just that “ol fall back” let me do me type music, or that “don’t bother me I’m In my Zone ish”, and even just helping you get “Turnt up”. Simply I just appreciate music to keep the vibe going and make people feel good while enjoying what they are doing. That is my soul purpose when I make music…”it’s For you” the fans that is why most of my songs allow the listener to relate, enjoy, and even follow along with the lyrics in their everyday life(at their own risk Haha). As for the background I was born and raised in the streets of B.R. or Baton Rouge as the world knows it and lived a normal street life nothing to outrageous the regular “Boyz in the Hood” story line like sold dope, smoked weed, smash chicks, and got wasted. Basically what a young black male is depicted in this world to do but I didn’t want to just end up another nobody ineffectively walking and working in the hood “I wanted to do more”. So I joined the military, the Navy to be exact and tapped into other life styles, different upbringings, numerous musical selections, and just studying the way we interacted together so I could produce music that we All would enjoy. What makes me different from most up and coming rap artist in my opinion is that I do it for the love, I mean just starting out my fan base is significant but still considered SMALL (and you reading this have the power to change that) but still in all considered small. Just the feedback from the fans I do have motivates me to give them more, I have literally done almost everything you can think of and if I haven’t I know plenty of people that have so I even allow my fans to make suggestions of what is needed in their area and make a song to compliment it, just a little insight of how I feel about my fans. Back to me my name is Justen Darrell Jones, I am a 5’2 friendly (until you frustrate me) 22 year old rap artist located in Honolulu, Hi that likes to party and see the world party with me…..point blank…..another thing is I’m as real as they get because not much bothers me most of the time since I am more concerned with my extra-curricular activities usually (as he laughs while saying).
It’s stated in many magazines that I have read that either Hip-Hop or Rap is dead and that many rappers and artist struggle and become absentminded when it comes to finding their musical distinctiveness. I find this hard to agree with in my case and “I only speak of my case because I know not of speaking for another man that is his own burden” (unless it’s a confrontation then I can’t say what I am entitled to do (as he smiles)) yet even though I see many songs that sound like another song just polished a different way that’s just what those people as artist choose to do. I choose to typically only listen to my own music not because I am conceded nor do I believe that their music is not worth listening to but I rather only allow “My Music to influence My Music” if that makes any sense and this accrued once I established my own individual musical identity back when I was around the age of 16 or 17. Now don’t get me wrong I still listened to other artist but what I am saying is whenever I was in need of inspiration of music I would turn to my own to influence me rather than turning on 106 and park and seeing what’s hot so I could allow it to exist in my songs also. As far as how I am dropping my tracks I know this sounds crazy but “I record them myself in a spare room in my house on my laptop. Then I mix them down in the software that I am using, I indulge in a little refinement throughout the flow of the lyrics to music then BAM there goes a hit for the fans to enjoy Haha.” I stand behind the fact that you are what you push yourself to be and that your efforts are what in return make you. “So to any artist that is reading this you have to realize it take money to make money, invest in you and see that only great things will come of it. To my readers whom I hope will become fans and my previous fans that are still showing me love by reading this I will continue to do this for you, so in conclusion everybody Let’s get “Turnt Up!!!”
As far as achievements go I have recently linked up with another fellow artist/CEO & Founder of Galafati Music “Big shout-out to the hommie Valantino, and the whole GMG movement” and have begun to extend my buzz by placement on mixtapes that have recently dropped and a few that are to come in due time.
Some of the hit songs a few that I cleverly added in my comments that I have dropped are……
• “Turnt Up!!”
• “In Ma Zone”
• “Don’t Want Nun”
• “All I Did”
• “Who Dat” (which was a shout out to Baton Rouge and Louisiana based off my love for the Saints “Salute”)
• “She a Freak”
• “Me and My Nig*@s”
• “Fu*k It”
• “All Night”
• “Checkin In”
A few mixtapes I have been featured on are…..
1. Chief Keef/Galafati/GMG “Rich, Rude, & Righteous”
Here is the link Http://
2. Galafati Music Group, Worldstar, Various Artists “Worldstar Hiphop”
Here is the link Http://
3. GMG, Various Artist “No Name, No Titles, No Nothing”
Here is the link Http://
And more to come, you can listen and download my music for free also add me on Facebook Justen Tensai Jones. Plus if you enjoy my music show support by liking my music page on facebook, and last but not least follow me on twitter @lil_justen #salute.

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