Leo Bowers

  • Solo Artist
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R&B, Rock, Funk, Soul Dance, Blues, Pop, I am my own! More...


Columbus OH United States

Sounds Like

Smoky Robinson, Isley Bro's, Stones, Prince, so many...


Karma 1 Records (Indie)

Digital Location

http://www.leobowers.com musicpage.com/leobowers


Member since: 07/01/2014 Year Founded: 1864


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Leo Bowers


Producer/perform (614).245-0331


  • Original material: 23 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 03 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 0
  • CDs sold: 0
  • Digital songs sold: 0
  • Original Songs: 40
  • Average Draw: 120
  • Largest crowd: 1,500
  • Have sound: Full PA
  • Licensed songs: 4


Feel free to contact me for music licensing and permissions. That being said I could offer you allot of rhetorical text explaining who I am and what I do, but that's really getting old. We are here for the obvious so just get on with it or move along and find someone or something better suited to you individual requirements preluding their acceptance or rejection whichever be the case. If you find something here you want or want to use simply go straight to the source and make a request. In this particular medium I am the source. I don't do middle men very well, but I do try to personally reward sites and services that aren't trying to get me to dig in my pocket by way of donation when it comes.

Oh just one more thing and keeping it real I'm a songwriter/musician doing what it is songwriters do with what I have to work with. I don't pay to play or pay to get contacted by people looking for music for me that's ridiculous and self defeating. You have my email, you have my number that's the best I can do for you here.

Thank you,
Leo Bowers


September 20, 2014

“The Bowers' Philharmonic Style RangerSeriesBlack • Sep 20, 2014 The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performs Classical Symphonies of Great Masterpieces and while this Single is certainly not Classical--like a Great Symphonic Work its disparate Elements combine with Harmonious Power, Depth and Execution as to Constitute a "Philharmonic Level" Masterpiece. In plain English, Leo Bowers distinctive voice, Clarion Acoustic Guitar, Profound Bass, Well Executed Electric Guitar Riffs and Heartbeat Percussion, all of which are familiar, resonate to create a Wonderful Sound but what takes it to the next level are the Background Chorus Vocals which compliments Bowers' Voice in such a way as to Elevate the Artist/Band; each part of the Music--separate yet unified. Listen to the story that is told or just Enjoy the Sound: either way it's a winner.”
- RangerSeriesBlack, Up and Down (Sep 20, 2014)


August 29, 2014
Mike Swartzell / Phoenix

“The rhythm n blues goes nasty... all day and above all, all night long. Phoenix • Aug 12, 2014 And may Lord have mercy on our souls, what a delightful nastiness it is. How can we resist to the charms of such a funky mood. The rhythm is so groovy, and the feeling so exciting, that we really feel like doin' it, all day and all night long. The vocals just couldn't evolve within a more appropriate kind of fashion, and the vocoder effect on the refrain, really projects the meaning of the word nasty, into a whole new level of nastiness. With an absolutely irresistible guileful type of package, it's the kind of song that can easily turn saints of all kinds, into helpless sinners. Yeah, I'll see you all in hell...”
- Phoenix, You're So Nasty (Aug 12, 2014

“Get It Funky Now! SouthOMike • Aug 19, 2014 Leo, my brother, you got down and funky with this one! (Do wish there was a touch more bottom to the bass, but hey...) Good tone, easy on effects, and if people don't at least tap their foot, they need to check their hearing!”
- Mike L. Swartzell (South O Mike), You're So Nasty (Aug 29, 2014)


July 04, 2014

“Curiosity... got me curious. Phoenix • Jul 4, 2014 But, you know what they say... curiosity killed the cat. Well, I just couldn't help myself and ultimately, decided to go on for another saying: nothing ventured, nothing gained. And I'm just glad I did it, because apparently I ended up crossing with another one, which claims that fortune favors the bold. It may not be exactly a saying, however, it's widely accepted, that music is a good thing for both the body and soul. I tell you no lie, when I say this one sure is... so listen... even if only out of curiosity.”
- Phoenix, Cruiosity (Jul 04, 2014)


June 20, 2014

“Listen--You Won't Be Sorry RangerSeriesBlack • Jun 20, 2014 Listeners who speak English will be treated to another of Bower's Superb Ballads, which NEVER FAIL to deliver a poignant, personal life story without being "Preachy". Listeners who don't speak English will be treated to a Mellow Vocal that exudes a curious mix of Warmth and Strength that is soothing to the ear. The words may not be understood but the FEELING is Universal and Well Communicated. All will be treated to Driving Rock Beat that is Punctuated by a Cool "Fuzzy" Electric Guitar Buzz and Satisfying Electric Bass. Add Leo's Voice and the Mix is Enchanted. Audition--you will not be sorry.”
- RangerSeriesBlack, I'm Sorry (Jun 20, 2014)


June 15, 2014

“The best sonic production of a Leo Bowers work, that I listened so far. Phoenix • Jul 15, 2014 If there were any doubts, here's what a better quality production, can do for musical creation, when quality is also its middle name. It ain't no need to be an expert, to acknowledge some qualities to Leo Bowers. He has got a musical soul and the ability, to transmit it. More even, he was blessed with a voice, that fit very well, in the musical areas, in which he seems to orbit, that, as I see it, have the rhythm and blues as gravitational center with occasional incursions into a few other musical areas, such as country, rock or even popular music. I know that, the so called quality productions, often have a wicked effect on music, which passes by the "cleaning" of incapacities or lack of ability, but, in the case... and going through some of the Bowers discography, may undo any doubts...”
- Phoenix, Bitter Sweet (Jul 15, 2014)

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