Leather Tramp

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Indie, Folk rock, Alternative, Acoustic Pop More...


Long Beach CA United States

Sounds Like

Blind Pilot, Fanfarlo, Arcade Fire, Sufjan Stevens

Digital Location

http://leathertramptheband.bandcamp.com musicpage.com/leathertramptheband


Member since: 04/04/2014 Year Founded: 2013


Mail alt 16x12 Jake Abernathie
Thumb jake3

Jake Abernathie

Long Beach

Vox/Aco. Guitar 909.816.3981
Mail alt 16x12 Sydney Funderburk
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Sydney Funderburk


Vox/Percussion 909.472.9997
Mail alt 16x12 John-Michael O'Brien
Thumb 10329137 10200935971921249 4356702497550203490 n

John-Michael O'Brien

Long Beach

Keys/Vibes/Vox 562.225.9039
Mail alt 16x12 Lucas Cathey
Thumb 10014800 10152401523299727 3428638760477408739 o

Lucas Cathey

Long Beach

Guitar/Mandolin 909.693.0042
Mail alt 16x12 Marc Encabo
Thumb 1531719 10203350808559238 1392814551 o

Marc Encabo

San Diego

Bass 619.757.5482
Mail alt 16x12 Flint Lidar
Thumb 1781565 514948788624613 710316400 o

Flint Lidar


Drums 909.528.8973
Mail alt 16x12 Elizabeth Chavez
Thumb 267894 10151443905874368 1794929388 n

Elizabeth Chavez

Los Angeles

Violin 818.675.5462
Mail alt 16x12 Miko Shudo
Thumb screen shot 2014 05 20 at 1.39.03 pm

Miko Shudo

Los Angeles

Violin 805.558.6479
Mail alt 16x12 Cole Syverson
Thumb unnamed

Cole Syverson

Long Beach

Cello 805.603.0785
Mail alt 16x12 Lawrence Pi
Thumb screen shot 2014 05 10 at 12.19.57 pm

Lawrence Pi

Long Beach

Woodwinds 714.395.8620
Mail alt 16x12 Chandler Riley
Thumb image

Chandler Riley

Long Beach

Trumpet 323.632.5852
Mail alt 16x12 Gary Soland
Thumb 1781601 10201662027373131 717408094 o

Gary Soland

Long Beach

Trombone 760.585.6953
Mail alt 16x12 Jake Abernathie
Thumb jake3

Jake Abernathie

Long Beach

Band Leader 909.816.3981


  • Original material: 01 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 01 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 0
  • CDs sold: 0
  • Digital songs sold: 100
  • Original Songs: 7
  • Average Draw: 50
  • Largest crowd: 100
  • Have sound: Full PA
  • Licensed songs: 2


When songwriter Jake Abernathie and drummer Flint Lidar first met in 2009, their love of music formed a strong friendship between them, but it wasn't until later that autumn when the Yucaipa-Pendleton Fire forced them and their families out of their homes for several days that they began to creatively collaborate. With nothing to do but watch their hometown smolder, the two spent their time writing music, and thus Leather Tramp's predecessor, The Pendleton Project, was born. The project grew in size, recruiting several other locals in the area, including vocalist Sydney Funderburk. Pendleton often performed in the Inland Empire, but also reached the Los Angeles area as well. During these shows, strong ties were made with a nearby Beaumont-based band, fronted by Lucas Cathey, and the two groups would often join forces in their proceeding performances.

But The Pendleton Project eventually dwindled in numbers; some bandmates moved away due to schooling, and Jake and Flint's musical pursuits separated. The two began playing in several side projects, and nearly two years passed before they resumed their collaborative efforts.

In the summer of 2013, after a short and spontaneous Pendleton Project reunion performance at a local mic night, Jake decided to start putting together a new group: Leather Tramp. Feeling as though many of the songs he wrote while leading The Pendleton Project – among other pieces written after – never reached their full musical potential, he composed and arranged several of his songs for the massive ensemble that became Leather Tramp. Originally this attempt was designed to be a one-time show, hoping to convey his vision of his music (at least once) for his small hometown of Yucaipa. Planning with former sister-bandmate Lucas Cathey, who booked bands at the local venue, Jake recruited him, former Pendleton members Flint and Sydney, and a small army of musicians for the singly planned debut of Leather Tramp. The search for orchestral members in Southern California was no easy task, but the group managed to focus its efforts just in time for its grand performance in early August. Expecting the band to disperse as quickly as it had formed due to its logistical challenges, Jake was surprised to find that many of the players called upon for the one-time event wanted to know when the group’s next performance would be.

Leather Tramp continued to thrive from that point on, and was joined by an array of the debut performers, including trumpeter Chandler Riley, trombonist Gary Soland, violinist Laura Bedol, and violist Ashley Wright. With Jake and the majority of the members studying music at California State University of Long Beach, the band began performing in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, eventually recruiting keyboardist John-Michael O’Brien, bassist Marc Encabo, and cellist Cole Syverson. Bringing a unique mix of performers to the Greater LA area with their eleven member troupe, Leather Tramp packed stages with surprising agility and ease, showcasing their versatility as an ensemble as well as their talent as individual musicians.

Now joined by violinists Miko Shudo and Elizabeth Chavez, and woodwind doubler Lawrence Pi, the dozen continues to perform around Southern California, taking the stage at multiple music festivals, venues, and showcases while turning heads with their dynamic sound.