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Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae, Adult contemporary Freestyle More...


Gibert AZ United States

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Tyga, A$AP, Juicy J

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Member since: 05/23/2015 Year Founded: 2014


Mail alt 16x12 3rdOcean, KG, Jegus
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3rdOcean, KG, Jegus


480.600.5549 [email protected]


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Lavish crew what it is! 3rdOcean, Jegus, KG, and Sanity480 are all apart of this. Just a group of kids making music working to turn their dreams into reality. Grew up in sunny Gilbert, Arizona where there was pretty much nothing to do but enjoy music. When it would just be to hot outside to even think about going outside for a nice game of baseball with the homies, we decided to just hang out inside and make music instead, and that is what we are doing. First ever mixtape being dropped June 7th, "Lavish."

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