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Dancehall Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop


Capitol heightd MD United States

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Member since: 01/05/2019 Year Founded: 2016


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Lateek Mason

Capitol heights



  • Original material: 05 hrs : 00 min
  • Average Draw: 1,000
  • Largest crowd: 800
  • Have sound: No PA
  • Licensed songs: 15
  • Original Songs: 15
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I, Lateek Finest grew up in the gritty streets of Hempstead, Long Island, New York so I carried out my name to the fullest. I was surrounded by everything negative from Drug Dealers, Pimps, Hoes, Crackheads, Weedheads and Young Shooter's to coming home to an abusive household. I hung around a lot of old heads and even though I never knew who my Father was they had plenty of stories to tell about him. My mother Michelle Mason was the neighborhoods mom if you were hungry she would feed you if you needed anything that was Momma Dukes. From the morning til night music with something you got used to listening to such as Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, etc. From oldies to hip-hop to reggae we was Litty everyday. while my siblings played either in the house or at a friend's house I was the one checking out my city rolling through different Boroughs trying to find myself and where I belong and honestly growing up in the late 80s and early 90s I involved myself with gang activities and Drug deaings. I wasn't interested in women until I got into my late teens where I fell in love with a woman named "Daisy Chantilly Soto" which I gave her the nickname "Chanti" she was my Everything. She was my first love, my first kiss, my first child's mother, that's when I fell in love with my passion which is Music. I wrote so many poems and short raps to her that it became natural for me to do it when I wasn't around her. Amongst friends and family that would listen but never hesitated to criticise when needed. I was signed to Universal Studios Digital Music Group 7 in 2015 when I drop my first song EVER to hit the streets called "Street Mentality" a song that was an old event that happened in my life. That's when I figured out what type of artist I was which was a Storyteller. I speak on real and true events that took place in my life from the Pain to the Good Times. From there I made songs like "FactsOvaBullShit", "My Mother", "My Thoughts", "That's Crazy", "It's Funny", "Don't Go", etc. Collaborations with "Ceballi", "No Lakk", and others. I performed at Open Mic Night shows for "Club Celsius" and "The Vegas Lounge" in Fort Myers, FL.

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