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Country, Alt-Country, Alternative, Americana Rock, Desert rock, Southern rock, Westrock More...


Albuquerque NM United States

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Johnny Cash and Van Halen

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Member since: 09/11/2016 Year Founded: 2014


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Kyle Martin




  • Original material: 03 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 02 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 1
  • CDs sold: 500
  • Digital songs sold: 500
  • Original Songs: 20
  • Average Draw: 150
  • Largest crowd: 800
  • Have sound: Partial PA
  • Licensed songs: 20


Whoever said you can’t serve 2 masters, never met Kyle Martin. For quite a while now he has billed himself as the ‘Original’ Rock n Roll Cowboy… and there’s a reason for that.

On one hand you have the ‘Honkytonk’ side. The culture & lifestyle of the American West is an integral part of who Kyle is and where he came from. He grew up in the deserts of South Central New Mexico playing whiskey soaked ‘Two Steppin’ music for people who worked hard & played harder. It’s in his blood. On the other hand, you have the ‘Rock n Roll’ side. Kyle developed a love for Rock music at an early age. Artists like Jerry Lee Lewis & Chuck Berry spoke to him. Later in life bands like Van Halen & ZZ Top were like super charged freight trains of inspiration that he never forgot. Over the years he continued honing his craft until the 2 styles, ultimately became one. Kyle now carves a musical path all his own playing a sub genre (he created) called ‘Westrock’ which he defines as such…

Noun: Westrock
‘Highly amplified western themed honkytonk style music played in a hard rock format with a heavy beat’

The biggest weapons in Kyle’s arsenal have always been his vocals, guitar playing & songwriting. Over the last few years he’s been lucky enough to get to play in a lot of different places; all over the New Mexico music scene to Oklahoma City’s “Bricktown” to Memphis, T.N on Beale Street (not to mention multiple radio and television performances). In October 2014 he performed in Las Vegas, Nashville and New York City in less than a month. He was also recently voted ‘Best Of’ Musician & Male Vocalist by Albuquerque the Magazine readers choice poll (Dec 2014).

2016 finds him supporting his first full length LP of ALL original material which is currently being played in multiple radio markets around the U.S & the world. With the release of this album Kyle is poised to make a statement in the music community that’ll be heard for years to come!

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