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Blues, Rock, Funk, Jam bands Country, Freestyle, Cajun and Zydeco, Latin More...


Omaha NE United States

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Member since: 05/19/2012 Year Founded: 2002


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Kris Lager

Council Bluffs

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Kris Lager Band is a Nebraska born group of musicians who have dedicated their lives to learning, living, and loving all aspects of the American music tradition. Self proclaimed “Roots Revivalists”, KLB brings an eclectic, high energy show to each and every stage they happen to land on. The musical palette from which these troubadours draw upon is strongly rooted in the Blues and Classic Rock stylings, but has touches of Funk, Jam, R&B, barrelhouse Country, spicy Latin beats, cajun Zydeco, as well as Gospel music, and some hip hop thanks to freestylist extraordinaire John Fairchild AKA Scooby Sha Bo Bo. Playing nearly 200 shows a year for the past 5 years, has brought tightness and diversity to every set they play and audiences across the country will agree that Kris Lager Band is on the right path. The band consists of John Fairchild on the drums, Brandon Miller on the bass, Jeremiah Weir on the clavinet, organ, & percussion , and Kris Lager on lead vocals and guitars. With their “Celebrate Life” mantra and good times vibe, every show runs the gamut of human emotions. Joy and sorrow, love and lament are all wrapped up in one musical experience where the only constant is pure Soul. KLB spent 2006-2009 mostly as Indigenous. Indigenous is the highly acclaimed blue/rock act, who garnished extensive radio play with their debut ‘Things We Do’, and has toured with BB King, Buddy Guy, Los Lonely Boys, and many more. Indigenous front man Mato Nanji handpicked these guys to be his nationally touring band and backed him up on his nationally released ‘Broken Lands’ CD on Vanguard Records. They have traveled from N.Y. to L.A., and Winnipeg to New Orleans playing a mix of his and their own original music. Check out the show calendar often and if you don’t see us visiting in your town let us know and feel free to recommend KLB to your favorite local music venue. This band is a do it yourself, grass roots organization and with your help we can keep honest and quality art alive and vibrant!!

May 24, 2012
Jay Kirschenmann

The Kris Lager Band says Sioux Falls is one of its favorite gigs to play because a crowd always packs the venue and treats them like old friends.

Fans know the band for its blues, classic rock and other styles, but also for the three years it backed Mato Nanji of South Dakota as Indigenous, the Native American blues-rock band.

They traveled the nation and Canada with Nanji, their music was played on the radio and they toured with BB King, Buddy Guy, Los Lonely Boys and others.

They also backed Nanji on his “Broken Lands” CD on Vanguard Records, then toured from New York City to Los Angels and from Winnipeg to New Orleans, playing the mix of original music by Nanji and the Kris Lager Band.

In 2009, Nanji and the band parted ways, but Lager and the musicians continued on their own. (Not always a bad thing. After all, Linda Ronstadt’s backup band went on to form the Eagles.)

The Kris Lager Band is made up of lead singer and guitarist Kris Lager with drummer John Fairchild, Brandon Miller on bass and Jeremiah Weir on clavinet, organ and percussion. See them play with openers Acoustic Exile, 47 Fires and Wood Family Blues Band at 9 p.m. Saturday at Boonies Bar & Bar BQ.

It’s one of their “thrift shows,” Lager said, where both the band and the audience dress in kitschy clothes they buy from area thrift shops. The thrift theme has caught on with their shows in Omaha and Lincoln, Neb., and at other venues.

However they’re dressed, though, the music is the same.

“We’re pretty much rooted in the blues and classic rock styles,” Lager, 29, said by phone from his Council Bluffs, Iowa, home. But they also play with touches of funk, jam, R&B, barrelhouse country styles and even some spicy Latin beats, Cajun Zydeco and a little gospel.

The band plays some hip-hop, too, thanks to Fairchild, the “freestylist extraordinaire” who is also known as “Scooby Sha Bo Bo” among his bandmates. They’re on the road a lot, playing nearly 200 shows a year.

“We go most anywhere, usually in a 10-hour radius, traveling Thursday through Sunday,” he said. Playing since he was 16, music is the band’s full-time job.

Lager’s dream: Getting on one of the late-night TV shows. Record labels and big-time agents are instrumental in that effort, he said. They don’t have that help at the moment.

“But I could see us on one of those shows, just laying down some serious tunes,” he said. “We’ll work on that.”

the reader

April 07, 2012
B.J. Huchtemann

Lager & Benoit
The Kris Lager Band has kept it low-key, but last week they were in Louisiana with Tab Benoit, who is producing their next CD. Benoit is one of the most-acclaimed blues-roots guitarists and bandleaders on the national scene, with a Grammy nomination and multiple Blues Music Awards.

Via phone, Lager recounted some highlights. Benoit welcomed the band to Houma, La., with a run out onto the water where the band jammed on the Benoit family house boat, enjoying the natural “tree-verb,” as Benoit calls it, that the cypress trees and the water provide.

Lager says Benoit “had great suggestions and he made us feel natural and comfortable.” Lager says in the studio Benoit helped polish a new slow, country waltz tune Lager has been working up. Benoit played drums and pedal steel on the track. “It’s unreal,” Lager says of Benoit's steel guitar, “it sounds like angels swooping in and out” around the melody. Benoit will mix and master the disc. See

The Reader

December 19, 2011
B.J. Huchtemann

If you missed the Tab Benoit show at Slowdown last week, you missed one hell of a show from Grammy-nominee Benoit and a national-caliber set from opener Kris Lager Band. The Omaha band put down a sizzling set of rockin’ roots and blues music. The charismatic Benoit then treated the crowd to a two-hour plus show of his electrifying Cajun-inflected Louisiana blues. He invited Lager up on stage for what turned into an extended guest slot. You can find a video of the excellent interplay between the two on youtube, search for "Tab Benoit “Medicine” with Kris Lager."
Kris Lager Band has multiple gigs around the area coming up, including the Kris Lager Big Band at Waiting Room Wednesday, Dec. 21, and at Lincoln’s Zoo Bar Thursday, Dec. 22, (9:30 p.m.). See for more.

Blues Revue

August 19, 2011
Tom Hyslop

"Despite its title, The Mighty Quinn, the new self-released album from the Lincoln, Nebraska based Kris Lager Band, has nothing to do with Bob Dylan or his song of the same name. And despite a lineup of guitar (Lager), organ (Jeremiah Weir), and drums (John Fairchild), KLB is not a jazz organ group; it's music tilts toward power-trio rock ('Sprinkle My Ashes,' 'Comeback Alone') with rootsy influences- an americana flavor creeps into tracks such as 'If That Sun Don't Shine,' a bit of soul into 'If I Get Lonely,' reggae into 'Hold On,' and Gov't Mule- style blues-rock into 'Shackles.' A keen melodic sense distinguishes Lager's songwriting." -Tom Hyslop , Blues Revue

Omaha City Weekly

February 24, 2010

I caught the Kris Lager Band as a four-piece for the first time in quite awhile this past weekend at the Waiting Room Lounge. Seems like I have been seeing Lager play more as a duo lately with his musical partner Jeremiah Weir. Watching the duo is a lot of fun, and there is a lot of raw energy when those two get together in a small room for a show. I had forgotten just how good they are with the full band that also includes John Fairchild and Brandon Miller. The band played a two-hour plus set at the Waiting Room that included the band's originals as well as some selected covers. They had the crowd dancing from the first song and the dance floor did not let up at all during their set. Lager and his band were in the pocket that night, extending their songs and covers such as Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth" and Billy Preston's "Will It Go Round In Circles." Opening band, the jam and jazz friendly Funk Trek, joined the Kris Lager Band on horns for the Preston tune and made on wonder if the band couldn't even expand some more every now and then and do the super group ensemble thing for some special shows. They played a great mix of blues, funk, soul and Allman Brothers-style jam. Typically, I would get bored watching a band for more than an hour, let alone two, but Lager kept things flowing and changing enough to keep it interesting. If you haven't seen the band in awhile, I would recommend giving them a look right now as they seem to be inspired. The band has a tour lined up for the spring and some sporadic dates around the area as well.

Blues Review

February 24, 2010
Genevieve Williams

"On record, the Kris Lager Band is so unassuming that it might take you a few songs to realize they're crack musicians with substantial songwriting abilities, rock-solid musicianship, and the kind of exacting sensibility that makes every song distinctive (and distinctly theirs). Then again, would you expect anything less from the band Indigenous frontman Mato Nanji hired for a nationwide tour? Those who reside on either coast might be used to thinking of the Midwest as flyover country, but "Transient" makes crystal-clear that the interior U.S. is a musical crossroads. The Kris Lager Band has a bluesy, rootsy base but builds on it using materials from zydeco, country, gospel, and Latin music. It's not variety for variety's sake, either: The band inhabits the borderland of genre boundaries so comfortably, it's clear that, to them, this is home. That kind of boundary crossing gives "Transient" a cosmopolitan flair that complements its friendly, down-home sensibility. Without sounding preachy or condescending, "I Got the Devil" and "My Own Worst Enemy" detail the darker ills to which humanity falls prey, evidence that Lager and company can serve up gourmet home cooking while respecting the intelligence of their listeners." --- Genevieve Williams, Blues Revue


June 19, 2009
Rick Galusha

Along with Des Moines’ Matt Woods, Nebraska’s Kris Lager has laid the groundwork to become the High Plains’ next blues act of note. Earning their road apprenticeship as the band for Mato Nanji’s Indigneous, The Kris Lager Band has release their fourth album, ‘The Mighty Quinn.’ Like many bands that are allowed to develop at the less than frantic pace of today’s internet driven music industry, Lager’s second and third CD’s displayed progressive improvement and strong lyrical melody lines that are indicative of the early bluesrock progenitors such as The Allman Brothers, Bonney & Delaney and Leon Russell. As the critically applauded band, ‘The Screaming Cheetah Wheelies’ learned however, this is a narrowing genre today and although the Derek Trucks Band is doing well with their World Music come blues feel, few others within this field seem to rise above a regional cult status.

‘The Might Quinn’ is a powerful record where the nuisance of the inter-play between Lager’s slide guitar and Miah Weir’s keyboards can, at times, over-shadow the songs but, after numerous playings, Lager’s true-to-self style slowly transcends and the true power behind the album emerges. This is not your passive listening, blues friendly, compact disc. Instead the listener is required to invest in the audio experience as the band moves through complicated but enjoyable passages.

On the track, “Mean Old World” Lager’s emotive vocals lines broach new areas for the band as they pioneer in a more tentative yet heart-felt layer brushed up against an aggressive slide guitar line. On ‘Hold On’ the band melds an island rhythm over rich blues textures akin to the sounds of “461 Ocean Boulevard.” While not an easy album to digest in initial airings, ‘The Might Quinn’ shows the Kris Lager Band growing by writing songs that are well outside of the narrow confines of the blues industry today. This is a serious album that is filled with songs that separates the partisans from the artisans and like anything work having – the climb is worth the view.

“Mama always told me not to look into the eye's of the sun, but mama, that's where the fun is.”

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