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Omaha NE United States

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My love and appreciation for music started when I was
in high school, playing senior year in the marching band drumline.
Everything I learned in drumline I took with me when I started playing drums
in my first local band, Diz-Conected. After I left the band, a group of friends
had an opening for a bass player in their band, Haven 21. I tried out a month
later never knowing how to play bass before, I joined the band. I left the band in
2004 to help start a new band, Go Crash Audio

. In 2005 I started losing my vision from diabetes. I left Go Crash Audio, to move
back home into my parents basement. It was a dark period of my life, simply because
I had no clue what I was going to do. Thoughts of suicide plagued my mind, and I set out
one night to accomplish just that. Along my walk, a particular song came up on my iPod,
about believing. Just believing, whether it was God, a higher power, or simply yourself.

After spending the next 4 hours in a parking lot underneath the night sky, I wandered home,
and started writing music again. I wrote my first complete song that night, The Fixed Fight was born
and soon after I wrote that song, I began production on The Fixed Fight self titled album.
I had already lost a good amount of vision, 80%, in my left eye and had about 45% left in my right,
I had lost contact with alot of people, friends, and acquaintances, and figured to simply record the album
solo. I learned how to play guitar within weeks of my vision loss, as well as piano, and learned production
and mixing techniques on a $400 Apple Macintosh I found in a thrift store.

Since then, I have been working vigorously on multiple musical projects, ranging from commercial work, to rock, even to electronic. Music is my life.

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