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Schuyler NE United States

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Kenneth Olea



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Kenneth Olea
Located in Nebraska
Hip-hop/Rap Artist

Kenneth Olea is fluent in two languages, English and Spanish. Born in Mexico but has lived in the United States his whole life. At in early age he grew a passion for music and singing. His father played a big role in Kenneth Olea's life. Influenced into learning how to play the guitar and from there he learned how to play the piano and harmonica. As a kid, singing and song writing was something he was very passionate about. Kenneth Olea would take all the solo's in his elemantary school plays. At the age of 14 Kenneth Olea started writing music of his own. Over the years he improved his lyrical skills and wanted to take his passion for music to another level.

In July of 2013 Kenneth Olea started working on his very first hip-hop/rap mixtape. Constantly working every day and every night in his home studio. His passion for music drove him into being in the studio from sunset till sunrise. Along from being a college student and having a full time job his busy lifestyle made it hard to fit in study time with study time. Overcoming this problem he completed his very first mixtape and released to the public on September 28, 2013.
The mixtape was titled "Blame Society" and the town enjoyed it but Kenneth was not willing to settle for being good. Kenneth Olea has now devoted his life into mastering the art of writing music.
Hard work is not a stranger to Kenneth Olea, he brings his best every time he steps up to the microphone. To fail is not one of his options in life.

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