Keith Herzik

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Location Chicago, IL


2049 West Division 3F Chicago IL 60622 United States
PHONE 773.395.8687


Member since: 06/26/2011


Keith Herzik was born in Austin, Texas to a mother and father that love him. He grew up in central Texas (Round Rock and Austin); played guitar and sang in a band called the Thumbs. He earned an art degree at the University of Texas and then moved to Chicago, Illinois. He has contributed artwork for music groups and events for the last six years usually in the form of hand screen printed posters, cd packages, and t-shirts. His drawings have appeared in the Baffler, Paper Rodeo, a French publication called AMOKOMA as well as local Chicago zines. Fine artwork of his makes it into art shows every now and then. He has participated in the the last three Flatstock events.

A lot of his time in Chicago is spent on a bicycle or public transportation and he plays guitar in two bands, the 36 Invisibles and Galactic Inmate. Keith does his own printing at Steve W.'s Screwball Press.