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Location Indianapolis, IN


1213 Sturm Avenue Indianapolis IN 46202 United States
PHONE 317.916.1116 www.kdphotography.net musicpage.com/kdphotograpy


Member since: 06/26/2011


About Kiera
Thanks for stopping by to see my latest work! I love to capture memories that no one else sees.

I actually love lots of things!
I love chocolate-with-peanut butter anything.
I love mac n cheese.
I love living downtown.
I love wide open fields.
I love squishing my toes in the sand.
I love teaching.
I love my kid's giggles.
I love my husband's eyes.
I love the bw pics my dad recorded for our family over the years
I love the mountain air in Denver
I love walking through historic cities and wondering what it was like back when
I love traveling...anywhere.

Drop me a line, I'd love to shoot you...hehehehe