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Location Dublin, GA


2216 Veterans Blvd Dublin GA 31021 United States
PHONE 478.296.1699 musicpage.com/jugs


Member since: 08/09/2011


Dear Fellow Musicians, Jim's Ultimate Guitar Shop has always been about supporting local musicians. In fact, Jim's Ultimate Guitar Shop was opened by musicians with the intention of giving musicians/bands great equipment at great prices. And now, J.U.G.S. is wanting to take that one step further, by sponsoring bands. For this, J.U.G.S. will give band a discounted price on all merchandise, whether it be strings, cables, PA equipment, drums, guitars or amplifiers. J.U.G.S. will also dedicate a section of the store for your band to sell CD’s and display a poster or sticker of your band. In return, we ask that you support J.U.G.S by putting J.U.G.S. myspace on your top friends; wear J.U.G.S. T-shirts on and off stage; post photos of the show with J.U.G.S. T-shirts being worn; display a small J.U.G.S. poster while playing; give out J.U.G.S. stickers; and just continue to keep live music ALIVE!! To find out more details on the J.U.G.S. sponsorship program.


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