Jimmy Yessian

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Acoustic, Adult contemporary, Alternative, Folk rock


Los Angeles CA United States

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Cat Stevens,Bruce, Neil Young

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Member since: 05/21/2014 Year Founded: 2010


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jimmy Yessian

Los Angeles

Guitar and piano


  • Original material: 02 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs sold: 4500
  • Licensed songs: 2
  • Original Songs: 200
  • CDs released: 3
  • Digital songs sold: 150


Jimmy Yessian - has been inspired by music his entire life. He is a passionate live performer who connects instantly with his audiences. He has performed around the country and in France and Italy on the same bill or has worked with artists as diversified as Jeffrey Steele, Allan Rich, Steve Dorff, Al Anderson, Billy Dean, Gary Baker, Tia Sillers, Mark Selby, Martin Page, Jamie O'Neil, Chuck Cannon, Walt Aldridge and others. In June of 2001 he was appointed VP of Creative Development for Ash Street Music Publishing in charge of signing and developing writers; and also signed an exclusive writers agreement with the company. He co-produced and wrote all the material for his acclaimed CD On The Brink Of Disaster His song "Stand Tall America," dedicated to the 9/11 tragedy co-written with Gary Baker ("I Swear"/ "I'm Already There") and Jerry Williams, was featured in the PBS aired documentary film One Voice/ The Healing Pole and is the lead song on the Inspiration New York CD.
Currently Jimmy is pitching songs from his personal catalog and just released a new record called “not a wave goes by” dedicated to his late wife Amy who lost her battle with cancer in 2006. It features songs from their life together and follows Jimmy's journey to present day.
His current project is with an elite group of songwriters called - Tall Men Group.


October 01, 2012

Yessian’s new album not a wave goes by gently guides the listener through a landscape none of us ever want to travel. He shares openly and intimately his feelings of losing a great love and his struggle with that loss. In this album, which is dedicated to his late wife Amy, Jimmy tills the soil in our hearts to ready us for the time of our own inevitable journey through love and loss. Acoustic guitar, piano, and cello dramatically set the mood through his painful, yet beautiful healing journey. His songs inspire us to appreciate even more the moments we share with those we love.


Watch my video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txmOZHNpAFc

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