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Country, Americana, Singer songwriter, Spoken Word Rockabilly, Cajun and Zydeco, Rap, Christian, Folk and Traditional More...


Albuquerque NM United States

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  • CDs released: 2
  • CDs sold: 300
  • Digital songs sold: 380
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  • Average Draw: 150
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JD decided in June 2010 to pursue his dream fulltime "Writing, Singing and Performing" He loves to entertain and sings and covers many of the Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Josh Turner, Chris Young, George Strait, songs that people love to dance to, as well as performing his own originals..

Jd recently released his first Full 16 track Album called “STORIES” :

After many years of being in the Radio Industry as an Executive/ General Manager and Talent, raising a family JD decided he was going to do what he loves.

He appreciates the support of all his fans, in less than 2 years he has gain thousands of listeners on social media and averaged 2.8 million on his Rolling Radio Show last year on the Southern Star Podcast Site .. ...Many of his listeners are from Europe, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada as well as the United States.

Thank you to all that listen and please continue to let us know you are listening and playing our music. :)

visit.....OUR WEBSITE.... www.JdStrait.com


2012 HMMA Country Finalist at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards Los Angeles, CA Country Song of the Year: “Where In The World. Did The Real Cowgirls Go?"

2012 Artist In Music Awards Los Angeles, CA : “ Country Artist of The Year” finalist

2011 Hollywood Music in Media award Nominations were:
Country Song of the Year (WINNER) “I Love You Girl"
Also nominated/finalist: Country Song of the Year: “Come To My Life
Christian/Gospel Song of the Year: “Come To My Life

The 2010 nomination for HMMA Country Song of the Year "Black and Blue

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November 10, 2012
Matheson Kamin

J.D. Strait is one of those of singer-songwriters that come along every few years; the kind of writer that creates songs that either contains a message or a story. And with the country music that Strait creates, the music and the story seem to exist together as if made for each other. It is this storytelling in song that is the focus on J.D. Strait’s 2012 release that is simply entitled Stories. Whether the focus is on being in love, trains or two men in a kitchen, the tracks on Stories all share one thing in common- a story.

While the story is the main focus of the release, it is the country music created by Strait and his friends that binds everything together. And though much of today’s Country Music artists focus on creating music that sounds a lot like southern rock, each track on J.D. Strait’s new release brings back the music of days gone by.

J.D. Strait’s music would fit right in with artists like Charlie Pride, Loretta Lynn, even George Strait. And it’s that timeless style in the music that truly makes Stories shine.

The album Stories begins with the track “I Love You Girl”. The country ballad about being in love with a woman who treats him right contains lyrics that seem kind of out of place in today’s angst-filled society. The simple joy of just saying “I Love You” in song makes the lyrics seems timeless as does the music of the song with the pedal steel guitar from Rodney Giroir adding to that timelessness.

The song “Black and Blue” brings back the memory of Johnny Cash, in more than one way. The “man in black” seems to show up in the music of this track, as it will no doubt remind you of Cash’s smash hit “Big River”. The lyrics and Strait’s deep baritone voice on the track also seem to be flavored by Cash’s influence. Needless to say, “Black and Blue” has “Johnny Cash” written all over it, and J.D. Strait does his best to keep the spirit of Cash alive in this song.

As Christianity is a major part of Country music, it comes as no surprise that Strait has included some of that influence on his album. It is on the song “Come to My Life” that the music and lyrics about a higher power come together to create the perfect Country hymn. The fiddle playing of Waylon Thibodeaux helps to give some of that timeless feeling to the track.

Country music performers have always been a little political; a little more nowadays. So it should come as no surprise that J.D. Strait has decided to stand up and be heard. On the track “White Collar Mother Suckers,” Strait lets loose a little anger towards Wall Street and the bank bailout situation. While Strait could have been a lot cruder with his words and thoughts, the words chosen for this song still have plenty of punch to them as they get the point across.

It is on the song “Wendy in the Wind” that J.D. Strait seems to channel the late Marty Robbins. “Wendy in the Wind” feels like the type of song Robbins would have written if he were still around today. It contains the same type of to the lyrics found on Robbins’ old songs, while still keeping the feel of J.D. Strait’s music.

While most of Stories contains a “timeless” approach to the music, the song “Johnsonville Junction” brings Strait’s music completely into the 21st century with a modern feel to the music. It is one of the tracks that scream “fun”. While most of the release is aimed at an older generation, “Johnsonville Junction” seems more aimed at today’s audience.

Having already made a name for himself with “Black and Blue” and “Come to My Life Tonight” already being award-winning tracks and the song “2 Guys Can’t Cook but it’s All Good” being used as the theme song for the show of the same name, J.D. Strait is now out to make a name for himself with this album of Stories. These songs as well as others already mentioned make the album well worth the time to seek it out.

Artist: J.D. Strait
Album: Stories
Review by Matheson Kamin
Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

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