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Location Los Angeles, CA


1610 Los Angeles CA 90026 United States
PHONE 917.907.2169


Member since: 09/27/2011 Year Founded: 2000
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Daniel Lir

Los Angeles



Dolce Films is an award-winning LA based production company specializing in creating music videos, documentaries and feature films. Their company motto "Let our dream manifest your dream" has allowed them to work with and create projects for some of the highest profile and most influencial companies and celebrities in the industry: Coldplay, P. Diddy, MTV, Island Def Jam, Atlantic Records, Isaac Hayes, Judas Priest, Tricky, Sum 41, Paris Hilton, Velvet Revolver and more.

Most recently, in the film/tv world, they have have partnered and created projects for top industry players such as Doug Claybourne (Exec Producer of "War of the Roses" and "Fast and the Furious"), Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson), and EJ Johnston (Exec Producer of "Fashion Star").

Please check out our innovative work at:
Dolce FIlms Website
Al Fine - by Aleigh O'Sullivan