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Location Ludington, MI


109 S James St Ludington MI 49431 United States
PHONE 231.843.4411 FAX 231.843.1039


Member since: 02/21/2012 Year Founded: 1981
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Jeffrey Nixon


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We are constantly adding products daily to our online store. Much that is in the store has not yet been loaded onto our profile, so check with us if you don't see what you were looking for. Be forewarned - In-store prices will probably be better than online!

Something to know! We have access to thousands of products not displayed on our floor...we just don't have the space or the money to stock everything. Next time you are drooling over a piece of gear in a catalog, check with us before you buy online. We do our best to be better than online in both price and service!

We have over 80 years of combined experience in the music industry. We use that knowledge to assist you in making the best possible choices. No hard sell, no pressure tactics, no tricks, just help before the sale and service afterwords. It's just the way we are.


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