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Buying a musical instrument is a special experience. Unlike a trip to the grocery store or buying a best selling book, a musical instrument is something you may have for the rest of your life! Helping you choose the right instrument is what we do!

Try before you buy is a time honored way of making the best decision. Don’t leave an important musical purchase to chance by clicking on a link and hoping you’ll be happy. Next time you or a friend wants to get something musical we invite you to visit our showrooms and talk to our knowledgeable staff. We’ll set you up in one of our demo areas so you can experience how it plays and responds. Our prices are the same as the chain stores and online retailers so why not hear it.. play it.. and take it home the same day!

Here are some common myths about buying a musical instrument that we would like to clear up.
Myth 1. Buying online is cheaper:

Reality: We are one of the nations top 200 stores and can meet or beat any legitimate advertised price*.

Myth 2. “I save on sales tax when I get stuff online.”

Reality: While it is true that some out of state firms do not collect California state sales tax on your behalf, you still have a legal obligation to pay sales tax on online product purchases. California relies on sales taxes to pay for emergency services, public works and schools. In addition, should you ever be audited you’ll have to pay the sales tax due on the online purchase plus a 10% penalty and accrued interest. Don’t take a chance! When you buy locally we collect and pay the sales tax due on your behalf. You should keep your receipt for proof of your tax compliance.

Myth 3. “I don’t need to hear something before I buy it”

Reality: Really? Wow, from our experience no two guitars play or sound the same. By visiting our store you get the opportunity to feel, hear and play the instrument before you make a commitment. Nothing is more frustrating than opening a shipping carton only to be disappointed by the feel and sound of your new guitar or amp. You then have to deal with the hassle of shipping everything back and trying again. Why take the chance?

Myth 4. “Big box stores have a better selection.”

Reality: A big box retail chain like Sports Authority or Big 5 do have vast inventories of stuff, but just try to find a $2000 mountain bike or a set of professional golf clubs. National chains are often run by large corporations seeking to maximize profits by carrying only a limited selection of the fastest selling items. Instrumental Music is 100% independent, run by musicians for musicians. We stock a wide selection of limited production, high-quality products you’ll never find at a national chain. We hope you’ll give us a chance to earn your business this holiday!

*A legitimate price is considered an item that is in-stock and available for shipment from an authorized dealership in the USA including shipping and handling costs. All credit programs are subject to approval by GE money.