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Location Portland, OR


15213 SE Bevington Avenue Portland OR 97267 United States
PHONE 503.557.9661 FAX 503.650.8365


Member since: 06/26/2011


In Music We Trust started out in July of 1997 as a vehicle in which to help expose talented artists to a larger audience.

Well, here we are four years later, a label, a national publicity company, and a zine.

How did we grow into such a mammoth corporation? Well, luckily we were able to secure funding from an investor when the dot com craze was still happening. With that fifteen million, we all bought ourselves big houses, fancy cars, and got a bunch of employees.

Unfortunately, after six months, the funds went away. We spent it all. We had to lay off 300 employees. We're back down to a handful of dedicated staff writers who do it for the love of music, as well as the amazing Ryan O'Neill behind everything technical, and our network consultant Jason Dietz.

OK, so we never got funding, but the rest is true. Writers like Sonya Brown, Jett Black, Jeb Branin, Gary "Pig" Gold, Geoff Melton, Clint Darling, and Mikel Jollett -- without whom this would never have been possible - do it because they love music and they love what we can do as a collective.

As for the other portions of In Music We Trust... after doing the zine for three years, I decided it was time to help out bands on another level. So, I started the publicity side of In Music We Trust. We've been lucky enough to work with such great artists and Helio Sequence, King Black Acid, Carrie Akre, Sam Densmore's Silverhawk, SPIV, Man of the Year, Orbiter, Bundle of Hiss, A.C. Cotton, Betty Already, and several other great bands.

With the publicity company in full swing, and the ability to scrap together every penny I could find, I decided to start a record label. Thus, the label side of In Music We Trust was born.

We currently have six releases out:
The Maroons - You're Gonna Ruin Everything
Knievel - The Name Rings A Bell That Drowns Out Your Voice
Sean Croghan - From Burnt Orange To Midnight Blue
Luther Russell - Spare Change
Joe Davis - Hope Chest
Chris McFarland - As If To Lay To Rest
We've got a few more releases coming soon, so stay tuned!

The point of this is, In Music We Trust started out four years ago as a zine that Ryan O'Neill and I did to cover great music and let others know of these bands we were blown away by. It has now grown into a PR company and a label, all out of the love of music.

We may not have the funding that several other dot com companies have (or had), but we'll be here long after they all fold.

As I like to say... IN MUSIC WE TRUST!