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Location Draper, UT


14180 S Orgill Band Draper UT 84020 United States
PHONE 801.814.8821.


Member since: 07/09/2015 Year Founded: 2015
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Damon Hunter




An upstart trying to expand upon current contracts. It is a one man low budget operation. My current contracts have me writing jingles, entire songs, sound design, graphic design, puzzles and games, short stories and historic reports. I require $300-500/wk/contract block. I schedule up to 7 contract blocks per week. Intellectual Property limitations vary by contract.

I have a degree MCL in Game and Simulation Programming. I am an autistic savant. I am honest. I do not operate as a conventional business nor am I a conventional business man. I am capable even adept in many crafts and sciences. I have been doing Graphic Design professionally for 3 years contiguous to date and have 20 years Vector Graphics and Graphic Asset Development experience. I have had quite a few rough spots in my career due to economic upheaval and personal struggles. It isn't easy to integrate while autistic. I don't interview well. I am honest. I don't navigate rote and bureaucracy well. Still I have managed to stay productive and reinvent myself time and again. As such, I have acquired a broad and substantial skill set over the years. I am versatile with the Adobe Creative Suite, numerous music creation and production packages and can pick anything up on the fly.

If you just need 'a guy', I am probably that guy. If you want a cost efficient one man Independent Media Think Tank and Production Studio, I am that guy! Or maybe you are just looking for ideas for your new Brand Logo.


11:00 AM to 12:00 AM