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Pop, R&B, Dance, Urban


Atlanta GA United States

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Usher, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber



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Member since: 03/26/2013 Year Founded: 2012


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Antony Ware




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  • Digital songs sold: 10
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  • Average Draw: 75
  • Largest crowd: 350
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Antony Antwan Ware or "Eternal" is a singer, dancer, model, and actor. Strongly compared to singers such as Trey Songz and Usher, he is set to release his debut album independently in April of 2013.
Early Life Antony A. Ware (Known as Eternal) was born on August 25th in Waukegan, IL. Antony is one of six brothers and sisters, with only one of the siblings shared biologically by both his mother and father. Antony, although a shy child began singing, dancing, and acting in school plays and recitals from the time he first entered pre-school. Despite his shyness, he took part in these types of events throughout school, but was never really encouraged to pursue entertainment as a career. Antony's parents divorced when he was three years old, so he was highly encouraged to pursue a "stable" career. After initially putting entertainment on the back-burner, Antony was noticed by a talent/modeling scout within a local mall after the family moved to Atlanta, Georgia. During this time of working with the local agency, Antony did local modeling and entered many talent contests. While attending his sophomore year of college, he was signed to CMG Entertainment Group (a subsidy of ItsTimeChild Records) as a solo artist where he adopted the name Prince Antony. Antony also still continued to perform at college talent contests, winning most of them for either dancing or singing. While with CMG, Prince Antony recorded his first single "Ya'll Ain't Ready".
Adonis Due to alleged negligent management, Prince Antony decided to part ways with CMP Entertainment Group. He then successfully auditioned to join a male trio singing group called Adonis. The group was independently managed by Black Rock Star Entertainment. After only recording a few songs with the group (including the groups debut single "Temperature") friction began to erupt. This in addition to the manager being arrested for alleged drug possession charges caused the group to disband. This left Prince Antony once again unrepresented and back to square one with an entertainment career.
Eternal To Present With so many set backs, Prince Antony had almost given up on seeking a career within entertainment. He continued to compete and perform in local Atlanta talent showcases. He also signed a modeling contract with Ultimate Model Management within the city of Atlanta. After performing with a dance company he joined called the Empire Dance Company, Prince Antony was introduced to Frank Taylor of Taylord Entertertainment. Mr Taylor then introduced Prince Antony to a local producer by the name of DC Da Composer of DREEM Entertainment. This relationship renewed Prince Antony's desire to attain a career within singing. He adopted a new name called Eternal and began work on a new solo EP called "Static". Collabortive efforts for this EP not only consisted of DREEM Entertainment, but also representation from an artist called J'Rell of Maybach Music. The first single completed for the EP (also called Static) was written by J'Rell and produced by DREEM Entertainment. The single began to circulate around Atlanta, Georgia. Eternal then shot a video for the single in order to further promote himself in the hopes of gaining attention to achieve a major music label signing. Although the relationship between Eternal and DREEM Entertainment soon dissolved, Eternal sought new management and is preparing to independently release his debut solo EP towards the end of April 2013.

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