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Akron OH United States

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Rap. I have an original sound. I'm young but can go far in the music industry with help.

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http://www.youtube.com/user/HydroTV1/videos?view=0&flow=grid musicpage.com/hypower


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My movement is to bring all of us together & spread positive outlooks. I have made some bad choices in my life when it comes to the law & my family. Music is my way of breaking free from all of my mistakes & telling my story. My story is yet to be heard but will be soon. Thomas HyDro is my stage name & I will not stop until my ultimate goal is reached. That goal is to make HYPOWER known around the world & to join millions together to listen to my music.


I have always had a strong love for music. You could say I'm kind of a mutt with the different variety of music that I listen to. I love all kinds of music from my heritage to classic rock but the music that appeals to me most is rap. I still play the guitar every now & then to calm my nerves when I'm in a horrible mood or had a bad day at work. Nothing beats the sound of a nice sounding acoustic.

I have two older brothers who are quite a bit older than I am. My oldest brother was always into trouble & was heavily into drugs. When I was ten years old he was sentenced two years in prison. As a child it was rough growing up & visiting him. At that point he had a kid right before he left for Mansfield Correctional Institution. It was odd being an uncle at such a young age but I just looked at him as a little brother to me. It was unique to me because my oldest brother who had the child was ten years older than me while I was ten years older than my nephew. My nephews mom was extremely crazy. Often coming home drunk & throwing things. She is an extremely bipolar person & needless to say when my brother came out of prison they finally split. Now that I am 18 the stories that my nephew are telling me shakes me in my skin.

I always said that I would never turn out to do the things my brother had done. It seemed by the time that I found out what had happened it was too late. I got heavily into drugs & started to grow & deal. The money was good especially being a kid in high school being able to buy whatever clothes or watch that I wanted to grab. My luck ended up running out quickly though. Looking back on all the things I did at parties or get together's with friends makes me sick. What happened to the good kid who said I would never do these horrible things? My music is my outlet. As I am recovering from my own mistakes I hope to let my music flourish. I don't want my mom & dad to worry about losing their job anymore. My fathers health is in bad shape & they don't know what's wrong with his head. My goal is to become rich so they never have to work a day in their life again. They are the strongest people I know putting up with so much stress over the years caused by my brothers & I. I just hope one day I can repay them.

~ Thomas V.

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