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Mark started writing and performing music about ten years ago. He was inspired by rap artists including Eminem, Gangstarr, and Beastie Boys. Mark has performed for small groups and also for groups of over 500 people. Mark got his start working on "Thunder Freestyle" with his brother, who is a professional DJ. He initially performed this rap for friends and was pleasantly surprised when he started to develop a larger fan base. This led Mark to change his artist name to H.Y.P.E. and make music his number one priority. Mark recently teamed with a talented producer and joined TDF Productions.

Mark has had his share of detractors. However, he turned their negativity into positive energy and made a rap about it. Mark continues to find inspiration by venting what is on his mind and turning it into raps. He has expanded beyond rap and now incorporates his poetry, humorous impressions, and his blog into his Reverbnation page. Mark (H.Y.P.E.) continues to work on new songs and projects. He does not expect to get rich but does it for fun.

Robex Lundgren Music Blog

March 19, 2015
Robex Lundgren

"I saw it as an opportunity to vent about life. I wanted to share my struggles with an audience no matter how big or small." - H.Y.P.E.


May 12, 2014

"Success to me isn't the number of fans I have. No, it's doing something I never thought possible and doing it to the best of my ability! I appreciate the fan support, but care more about spreading the message across and telling my story to the listeners."


October 02, 2012

"I really enjoyed working with Mark (H.Y.P.E.) on producing some of his latest tracks! It has really inspired me and given me the motivation to doing more producing.”

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