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Education is must for any child and all the parents would want their children to go to school and gain the best education. So when we all know education’s importance do we really need extracurricular activities? Does it really improve student’s life? Is playing in a band help a student? Is going to a community center is good for a child? Does knowing to draw help by child in any way? Can I pay someone to write my assignment? Does sport really change a young man’s life?

These are questions which strikes most of the parents throughout this planet, and the answer for all these question is the following article. Extracurricular activities are those which carried on by a student after the school hours. Students take their own activities which they are interested in. These activities will own day reflect on their life in some way. There are so many benefits caused by these extracurricular activities. Which tops the list is friends, when students go out and do some activity they meet new people and they get new friends meeting different people and getting their experience is itself a way of acquiring knowledge.

Apart from making friends there is lot of chances for a child to learn life moral values. These extracurricular activities also help a student during their job placement. If a student applies for a job as a manager in a company and if he presents his extracurricular activity as a football team captain in his high school do you think they are going to reject him? Leading a football team needs a special managing skill which is also needed for a manger in a firm. So that child would be the first pick. Sport develops a student’s leadership quality and also the ability to work as a team, which is must in any kind of job.

Other extracurricular activities like Music, Art creates creativity in a child. It changes the way how a child looks the world. This is needed in problem solving task. These activities make the children to face their problems with the courage. It also changes their approach of doing things. They create their own way of getting things done. All these happen only when a child chooses the right activity. An extracurricular activity must be chosen by the child not by parents. A child must be really happy to do that. Pure interest is the only way to achieve 100%. So extracurricular activities never affects a child’s education but it enhances the education.


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