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John Hix opened his first guitar studio on Benton Street, on the east side of Aurora in his mother's house in 1946. He married Eileen Petritsch in 1946, and bought a house on Farnsworth Ave. in Aurora in 1947 and converted his garage into a teaching facility. In 1952 he moved his wife and 4 children to Burbank, California to work in the aerospace industry only to move back to Aurora in 1955 and again pursue his teaching and retail business.

John and Eileen Hix retired in 1996 and the three brothers bought the store and changed the name to Hix Brothers Music. The store was moved to its current location adjacent to the Fox Valley Mall in 1999 and has 9 teaching studios, a guitar repair shop, in-house amplifier repair, a dedicated audio/tube amp room, and an acoustic guitar room. On April 1st 2003, Hix Bros. Music opened its second location in Batavia... no foolin'.