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Location Fairview Heights, IL


5800 N. Illinois St Fairview Heights IL 62208 United States
PHONE 618.257.3000 http://www.heilsound.com musicpage.com/heilsound


Member since: 02/27/2012 Year Founded: 1966


Heil Sound, Ltd. was founded by Bob Heil in 1966. Bob pioneered the live sound industry with clients such as the Grateful Dead, the Who, Joe Walsh, Peter Frampton, Jeff Beck and scores of major touring acts of the 60's and 70's.

Bob and Heil Sound have won numerous awards over the years, including the first ever "Pioneer Award" from the Audio Engineering Society, and the Parnelli Award.

In 2007, Bob was invited into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to put up a display of his historically important gear, including the first modular console (the Mavis) his custom quadraphonic mixer (for the Quadraphenia tour) and the very first Heil Talk Box.

No manufacturer has ever been invited into the Rock Hall before.


8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
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