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Hip Hop, Rap, Crunk


Atlanta GA United States

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I've heard B.O.B. and Kendrick Lamar

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Member since: 12/18/2014 Year Founded: 2010


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Lee Henderson


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  • Original material: 03 hrs : 45 min
  • Average Draw: 75
  • Largest crowd: 175
  • Have sound: No PA
  • Original Songs: 55
  • CDs released: 2
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>> Biography,
>> Lee (Harpoon) Henderson was born and raised in Birmingham Al., where he was taught what is needed to know about life under the sun. Harpoon spent time in Atlanta Ga. (current residence), Chicago Ill., Pensacola Fl., Seattle Wa. and San Diego Ca. He met different personalities of people advancing his style of music, connecting different coasts. Harpoon has a large vocabulary and deep metaphor's. He also believes the only thing that connects the 3 class levels of life is the "dream world". "To think outside the box is to stretch your mind out side of the norm."...
>> In 2013 with the ambition of “The Best” being a metaphoric simile, Harpoon started branding himself using the word "Anthrax." Describing his musical craft as untouchable he further expanded his mind outside the box by writing songs for several artists, both male and female with different musical genders: (rap/hip-hop, R&B and pop). He chose the name "Harpoon" for an alias from a military term of a missile that blows up from the inside, as how he sees himself through his talent capabilities.
>> In the mid Summer of 2014, building from the ground up Harpoon formed Space Ghost Entertainment. Under S.G.E. on 8/4/2014, Harpoon released his second mixtape - So Anthrax Vol.1: "Smoke Signals". Harpoon has big plans for the future stating: "Rap music has only touched a microscopic fraction of topics that this universe hold. It's time to step it up." Join Harpoon on his journey on becoming a threat to the game.

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