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Alternative, Pop, Rock, Americana Brit-pop, Electronic More...


Lincoln Park MI United States

Sounds Like

Coldplay, Matchbox 20, One Republic

Digital Location

www.facebook.com/halflightmusic musicpage.com/halflightmusic


Member since: 05/14/2012 Year Founded: 2009


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Cheyenne Goff

Lincoln Park

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Martin Yount


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Bob Cook

Lincoln Park



  • Original material: 02 hrs : 30 min
  • Cover material: 01 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 3
  • CDs sold: 1600
  • Digital songs sold: 3200
  • Original Songs: 40
  • Average Draw: 100
  • Largest crowd: 1,000
  • Have sound: Full PA
  • Licensed songs: 3


Half Light Music’s origins can be traced back to the unfortunate and premature demise of Epic recording artist, Bliss 66. Frontman and songwriter Cheyenne Goff found himself with a growing catalogue of material but lacking the right combination of players to bring the songs to life…Re-enter bassist Donnie Patty, who had shared the stage with Goff both in Bliss 66 and the Paper Street Saints, a Detroit based rock outfit that generated much local and regional success. As the cinders began to cool on that band, it just made sense for them to get back to their roots making hook oriented rock songs that folks could tap their foot and sing along to. And that is exactly what they’ve done with HLM. Goff was very early on influenced by bands like Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and Tom Petty (to name just a few) through his parents’ and, later on, by his own radio me’anderings and subsequent exposure to bands like Oasis, u2, The Cure and Matchbox 20, it was impressed upon him the importance of a good hook:

“I love it when I ‘m playing a show somewhere and an unfamiliar face is trying to sing along to a song they most likely haven’t heard before…or then got it by the end. That ability to connect with people with something original is what it‘s about“ (- Goff)

Along with lead guitarist Marty Yount, and drummer (& ex-‘66er’) Bob Cook , they have developed a sound that fuses rhythmic and melodic precision with Goff’s vivid and poetic lyricism; a union that enables the strong suits of each individual players’ skill set to shine. ..or, as DR2 puts it: “create music that clearly draws on a basic rock structure, but at the same time, offers a unique, defining sound that is completely [their] own.” One listen to the band’s earliest offerings, will serve as evidence to the claim.


March 31, 2014
Korynne Hatcher

For those of you that have never seen this band, they are definitely worth it. Cheyenne Goff’s voice is unlike any other that I have heard. He can rock out and make you dance and the next minute sing the sweetest love song that makes you cherish your partner. A solid band consisting of Bob Cook (drums), Marty Yount (guitar), and Donnie Patty (bass) backs him.

Detroit LIve Magazine

December 01, 2013
Eric Harabadian

The production is huge and the songwriting is thoughtful, intelligent and emotionally arresting.

Detroit Rock Review

August 01, 2010
Detroit Rock Review

Cheyenne Goff (Vox) clearly demonstrates his lyrical mastery along with his ability to combine rhythm and melody to create music that draws on a basic rock structure, but at the same time, offers a unique, defining sound that is completely his own. Reuniting with Donny Patty and newly re-joined by Bob Cook on drums, there is a strong, solid backbeat, but the "sound" of Half Light Music is created with the unique combination of Goff's Acoustic Guitar layered over the infectious rock guitar licks of Martin Yount, delivering a distinctive sound that perfectly showcases Cheyenne's eminently recognizable, yet plaintive vocals.

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