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Metal, Modern rock, Thrash metal, Rock Metal core, Hardcore, Progressive Rock More...


Atlanta GA United States

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All That Remains, Testament, Killswitch Engage, Dream Theatre


Nightmare/Sony RED/Massacre

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www.halcyonway.com musicpage.com/halcyonway


Member since: 02/23/2015 Year Founded: 2001


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Steve Braun

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Vocalist 615.429.1209 [email protected]


  • Original material: 03 hrs : 30 min
  • Cover material: 00 hrs : 15 min
  • CDs released: 4
  • CDs sold: 12000
  • Digital songs sold: 15000
  • Original Songs: 40
  • Average Draw: 350
  • Largest crowd: 2,500
  • Have sound: No PA
  • Licensed songs: 42


Based in Atlanta, Georgia and founded in 2001, Halcyon Way is the ultimate example of blue-collar work ethic, self-reliant bootstrapping, and hard work & perseverance in spite of nearly insurmountable odds. The award winning band has released four albums worldwide through Nightmare Records/Sony RED and most recently via Massacre Records, and has performed in over a dozen countries and counting. The band has toured extensively with the likes of SAXON, FATES WARNING, FOZZY, SKID ROW, U.D.O. and DELAIN.

Halcyon Way’s sound cannot be neatly slotted into any sub-category of metal; but it can be described as heavy, catchy, technical, and above all, focused on mature songcraft. The band draws influences & inspiration from many metal bands from Megadeth to Dream Theater to Testament to Chimaira. The focus of the songwriting is on catchy hooks, vocal harmonies a la King’s X or Stryper, and on heavy, technical, but ultimately accessible instrumentation. Although these are many disparate influences, the net result is a brand of metal that is immediately familiar and comfortable to the listener, yet strangely hard to define.

In 2008, the band released their debut album on Nightmare Records/Koch Entertainment entitled A Manifesto For Domination. The CD was released to rave reviews, and the album was produced by Jon Bodan and James Murphy (formerly of the band Testament), and mixed by German producer Lasse Lammert (known for his work with Alestorm, Gloryhammer, and many other European metal bands).

In 2009, Halcyon Way began tracking the follow up record, Building The Towers. This time the band upped the ante in all respects, most notably with the acquisition of vocalist Steve Braun, formerly of Lion Music’s Italy-based Ashent. In addition, the band enlisted former Black Label Society drummer Mike Froedge to engineer the drum tracks in his studio, had Pamela Moore (“Sister Mary” from the legendary Operation:Mindcrime album by Queensryche) guest on 5 tracks, and brought the most sought after artist in heavy metal, Travis Smith, onto the team to create the artwork. Lasse Lammert was again tapped to not only mix and master the album, but to co-produce it alongside Jon.
The album was released to amazing reviews in October of 2010.

In the midst of the mixdown for Building The Towers, the band received its first opportunity to tour overseas, thanks to long-time friend and supporter Rich Ward of Fozzy/Stuck Mojo. The band was able to travel to the United Kingdom for a tour with Fozzy, and played to sold out shows throughout the UK. This immediately led to the formation of the Halcyon Way UK Street Team, whose fanatical members have tattooed 2
HW logos and lyrics upon themselves. The tour also led to a large amount of international press, and the HW flag was officially planted overseas.
Upon the successful completion of this tour, Halcyon Way was invited to do a full European tour with the resurgent, million-album-selling Stuck Mojo, and the band immediately accepted this opportunity. The tour was planned in the ensuing months, and at this time, disaster struck in true “Behind The Music” fashion. Two weeks before the band was scheduled to embark upon this 3-week tour, and only 5 days before Building The Towers was to be officially released, guitarist Jon Bodan was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Lymphoma. As a result, the tour was cancelled so he could begin aggressive treatment.

The band took most of 2011 off from the live circuit while Jon was in chemotherapy treatment, with the exception of several high-profile shows that had already been committed to by the band. However, this did not stop the band from releasing IndoctriNation, getting Building The Towers successfully licensed to Microsoft for the RockBand game franchise, and generally keeping the band in the public eye.
IndoctriNation had been written and recorded during the Building The Towers sessions, with the plan to release it as the third Halcyon Way album after the Building The Towers touring cycle had ended. Since the band was going to be “off the radar” from a live standpoint for a while, it was decided that the release of IndoctriNation would be moved up to late 2011. It was again mixed & mastered by Lasse Lammert, and Travis Smith was again tapped to handle the artwork.

In a stroke of irony, at about the same time as the new album released, Jon found out that he had been successful in his battle with cancer, and the band returned to live shows with a highly publicized and successful charity event benefitting cancer patients, and a headlining slot at the Pathfinder Metalfest III.

In spring of 2012, Halcyon Way embarked on their largest tour yet, a 17-date, 9-country stint in Europe & the UK with Dutch symphonic metal band Delain, playing to sold-out audiences across the Continent. After having been hand-picked by the management of Delain to support them on this important tour, the band did not disappoint, and picked up legions of new fans.

Upon returning to the US in May of 2012, the band began refining the material for their new album, and Jon traveled to Germany with drummer Ernie Topran to track the drums for the new CD. These sessions were completed in LSD Studios with long-time collaborator Lasse Lammert. This time entirely produced entirely by Jon, and mixed and mastered again by Lasse, the new record is in mixdown at this time and should be released in first quarter 2014 and also released to the RockBand franchise.

The band also enlisted the acclaimed Los Angeles-based producer Seth Von Paulus to assist with vocal production. Seth is best known for his work with platinum-selling artists such as Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys.

Never a band to sit on its hands, while completing the new album and having it mixed down, Halcyon Way was booked for a 2-week US/Canada tour in April of 2013 with the Udo Dirkschneider’s U.D.O., the original voice of Accept, and this highly successful run introduced the band to thousands of new fans in theater-sized venues across the US & Canada. This tour was a trial by fire for the new addition to the HW camp, Max Eve on bass.

As soon as they returned from the road again, the band booked a video shoot in July of 2013 for the song “Web Of Lies”, which will appear on the new release. The video was World Premiered at the renowned ProgPower USA Festival in September 2013.
Next, Halcyon Way went on the largest tour of their career, a 24-show, 32-day US & Canada tour as direct support for the legendary Saxon, and their old friends in Fozzy. This tour helped Halcyon Way deliver their unique brand of metal to thousands more new fans across the entirety of the United States and Canada.

Hot on the heels of that tour, the band went out on the road again for 14 shows in support of the legendary progressive metal band Fates Warning, for their third tour of the US of the year.
These tours were designed to build awareness of Halcyon Way in preparation for the release of their fourth album, “Conquer”. This album shows immense growth and maturity in songwriting as they recount the struggles they have faced as a band and individually in the last few years. Make no mistake – this band has a chip on their shoulder and will not be denied.

On the eve of the release of “Conquer”, the band was booked for their largest tour to date, with their good friends in SAXON and new friends in SKID ROW. This 24 date European tour is scheduled for October & November of 2014 and promises to plant the Halcyon Way flag in front of thousands of new fans in even more countries.

In addition, "Conquer" hit the Billboard Heatseekers Chart at #41 for week of release sales. It was named "Record Of The Week" on the Revolver Magazine website in the week
Halcyon Way has built a reputation - brick by brick & stone by stone - as being a blue-collar, hard working band that will seize any opportunity given them, and wring it for all it’s worth. The band has accomplished all of these things with no label support whatsoever. It has been due to the hard work, sacrifice, and dedication of the band’s members to succeed at all costs. Their “do what we need to do” attitude is making their name in the music industry, and a favorite of fans worldwide. You can see this for yourself as they take the stage and demand that you take notice.

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