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Pop, Top 40, Electronic, Rock Dance, Singer songwriter, Hip Hop, Bluegrass, Blues, Indie, Surf Rock, Jazz, Synthpop, Jam bands, Reggae More...


St. Louis MO United States

Sounds Like

N.E.R.D. meets Blondie if Debbie Harry was a preacher's daughter

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Member since: 04/29/2013 Year Founded: 2003


Mail alt 16x12 Matt Scherer
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Matt Scherer


Percussion/Vocals 217.341.7115
Mail alt 16x12 Derek Anderson
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Derek Anderson

St. Louis

Vocals, Guitar 217.622.1394
Mail alt 16x12 Josh Shaw
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Josh Shaw


Bassist 217.546.3983
Mail alt 16x12 Katie Moore
Thumb katie 1

Katie Moore

St. Louis

Lead Vocals 217.572.4857
Mail alt 16x12 Jonathan McGrath
Thumb jon1

Jonathan McGrath

St. Louis

Vocals 217.691.4727


  • Original material: 03 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 01 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 2
  • CDs sold: 1000
  • Digital songs sold: 1000
  • Original Songs:
  • Average Draw: 150
  • Largest crowd: 2,000
  • Have sound: Full PA


Gypsy Collabo is the product of two unique groups of individuals bringing together their passions for life, music and all things artistic.

The group formed in 2002 when through a mutual friend, aspiring rock band Tipsy Gypsies met the up and coming hip hop collective Collabo. The two groups instantly hit if off and in no time were making music together. Soon after, under their new moniker Gypsy Collabo, they released their first full length album, "Live In Five". Pleased by the overwhelming local response, the group decided it was time to take the next step in their careers and relocated to California. There they studied drums, guitar, recording, singing, and business at the Musicians Institute in the heart of Hollywood. Members of the group also enrolled in the UCLA Extension Film Scoring Program, where they studied classical orchestration and received private instruction from composer Dr. Norman Ludwin. The band honed their skills playing in clubs like the legendary B.B. Kings in Universal City, and recording with artists from all over the world. Individuals in the group also interned for the former COO of Clear Channel, Steve Smith, at his company ANR Worldwide, and also for Sat Bisla's radio show "Passport Approved" formerly on Indie 103.1.

At the conclusion of their studies, their lives suddenly got very interesting. Long time lead guitarist and original Tipsy Gypsies member Dustin Faller had had enough of electric guitars, live shows, and late nights, and chose to move to India and follow a different path. With a hole in the rent check, the remaining members decided to return to their roots in Springfield, IL. This decision would change the course of their careers forever. In Springfield the group stumbled upon a great and mighty talent- John Peterson. In John they found a phenomenally talented bass player, musical director and most importantly, a great friend. For all that John gave to the members of Gypsy Collabo, he had more to give elsewhere. Before his time, John Peterson passed away from complications from an enlarged heart. The loss of John left a void in the hearts and music of Gypsy Collabo. After a period of mourning and deep contemplation, the members of Gypsy Collabo found the will and the way to continue.

Always seeking out collaborations with those at the top of their field, they found a new bass player and female lead vocal in prior acquaintances Josh Shaw and Katie Moore. Reinvigorated with new members and material, the group started production on their new studio album. Teaming with Nate Hershey of world renowned Phat Buddha Productions, and multi-platinum, Grammy Nominated, Carl Nappa of the Ex'Treme Institute and Hit Factory infamy, Gypsy Collabo has created their best work to date. In addition to their definitive full-length album, Gypsy Collabo has found time to produce their promotional EP, In Line At the Gas Station, all the while shooting and editing their own music videos and maintaining a frenetic live performance schedule nationwide. Poised for world domination, Gypsy Collabo is the model all other brands strive to surpass.

Please direct all inquiries to:
[email protected]

Illinois Times

August 01, 2013
Tom Irwin

This year the festival morphed into a two-day event, starting on Friday night featuring several top-notch bands, and some that are about to be, playing all your favorites songs. On Saturday at 2 p.m., the original music kicks in with local jewels like Dooley and Owen Presents and Black Magic Johnson in the afternoon and crunch-time favorites NIL8 and Gypsy Collabo closing out the night.

Illinois Times

October 25, 2012
Illinois Times Staff

Gypsy Collabo
Formed when rock band the Tipsy Gypsys connected with hip-hop collective Collabo, the colorful combination continues to hold court over all things rap and hip-hop in Springfield. With the number of entries in this category down a great deal from last year, we’re left wondering if the genre, once on the rise in the capital city, has peaked and dropped. No matter to Gypsy Collabo, as the assertive group of rocking, hip-hoppers now spend time in St. Louis, expanding the GC experience to more listeners. Current members David Hale III, Jon McGrath, Derek Anderson, Matt Scherer and Colin Helton are actively searching for other musicians to join the music-making combo in taking it to the streets.

Illinois Times

October 27, 2011
Illinois Times Staff

Gypsy Collabo
Within the burgeoning Springfield world of rap and hip-hop (we’re finally getting there) more than 30 different artists (including one apparently called “Springfield has hip-hop?”) received varying amounts of votes, but local rockin’, rappin’, hip-hoppin’ band Gypsy Collabo left them all in the dust by a huge amount. Conceived in 2002 when the rock band Tipsy Gypsys met up-and-coming hip-hop collective Collabo, the group prides itself on combining a modern pop appeal with an old-school band approach, creating a blended style particular to Gypsy Collabo members David Hale III, Derek Anderson, Jon McGrath, Colin Helton and Matt Scherer.


January 01, 2010

If it has to do with the local music scene, it has to do with Gypsy Collabo. This band is everywhere, and for good reason. With their unique blend of rap, electronic, r&b and funk, it's an instant party when they hit the stage. Their singles "Every Single Day" and "Rocketship" are available for request anytime by calling 217-241-KISS!

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