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Hip Hop, Hardcore, New Age, Rap


Aberdeen MS United States

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Member since: 11/02/2014 Year Founded: 1999


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Guiasy Butta


6124061476 [email protected]


  • Original material: 15 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 15 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 6
  • CDs sold: 5000
  • Original Songs: 120
  • Average Draw: 150
  • Largest crowd: 1,500
  • Have sound: No PA


The BUTTABOY GuiasyButta born Mark Guido Jr 7-4-79 in North St.Louis or GUIDO the streets called him with a vision to bring loyalty, integrity and respect back to the streets. The BUTTABOYz are a family with talent and a grind that has yet to be surpassed. The guy GUIASYBUTTA been pushing their careers for over 14 years HE formed the group in 1999. The members SMILEBUTTA GUIASYBUTTA SLAKBUTTTA C-JINGLE & DREMONEY heavy promoting and putting new raps together. They had to hustle like they never hustle before are no other. The group brought street hustle to music and music to the streets.They gained heavy momentum until DREMONEY the powerhouse of the group was tragically killed in JUNE 3RD 2012. That didn’t slow them down. The BUTTABOYZ stayed strong and to keep BLOCKNBUTTA MONEYCLAN MOVEMENT ALIVE! they hit the music industry even harder. Guiasy Butta got SMILEBUTTA with his talent, drive, and swagger, their hustle has become even stronger.

The group has had other artists featured on their own shows such as Yo Gotti, Ludi, All Stars, and Vic Damone,RichBoy,Lil Bossie,Wayan,Birdman,Young Bleed,Young Bloods,Young Dro,Project Pat,D4L,Shawty Lo,Yung Jock,Gucci Mane,Young Jeezy,T.I,Franchise Boyz,and many more. The Block Boyz they have had hit radio singles “Dolla Afta Dolla” A group GUIASYBUTTA is a part of and the newest release “I SMOKE LOUD” has already gained well spins in the club. The guys have already had meetings with major labels including a sit down with Def Jam.

These young men have a distinct street flavor full of energy and melody. They are self-motivated, real, and humble. The BUTTABOYZ are loyal and want to bring loyalty back to their neighborhoods. Their mission is to build unity to teach another young brother and sister. The BUTTABOYZ will continue to grind and bring everyone together on their way to the top.

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