Greta Van Fleet

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Rock, Blues, Southern rock


Frankenmuth MI United States

Sounds Like

Led Zeppelin

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Member since: 01/03/2013 Year Founded: 2012


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Michael Barbee

Birch Run

989.385.3421 [email protected]


  • Original material: 02 hrs : 00 min
  • Cover material: 04 hrs : 00 min
  • CDs released: 0
  • CDs sold: 0
  • Original Songs:
  • Average Draw: 75
  • Largest crowd: 300
  • Have sound: Full PA


With the unique and crafted compositional skills of Jacob Thomas Kiszka, the writing artistry and and blood curdling wails of Josh M. Kiszka, the rip roaring thundering behind a set of drums Daniel Wagner, and the analytical fusion and well rounded vibrations of brilliant musician Samuel F. Kiszka you have an unforgettable classic rock foundation with a blues descended vibe and on various occasions vocational cross fire between folk, and perhaps a handful of other genre sounding variable. Greta Van Fleet has a raw, perpetual, energetic, and dynamic performance hardly seen anymore in today's world, a sound that will live on forever and stand the test of time.
Band Members:
• Josh Kiszka- Vocals….. 19 years old and vocals that take you back to the days of the Doors, Led Zeppelin and the times when rock was king. Josh has an amazing stage presence full of energy and crowd pleasing vocals. Josh is also a freelance filmmaker when time permits and is one of the most creative dedicated individuals when it comes to entertainment.
• Jake Kiszka- Lead Guitar….. Jake ,also 19 years old , literally starting playing with guitars as soon as he could crawl over to his dads guitar that was sitting on the living room floor. Jake starting picking and playing with that guitar and hasn’t stopped yet. Whether it’s playing the Blues with an amazing slide guitar sound or original licks that Zeppelin would be proud of, Jake continues to wow audiences at every show
• Sam Kiszka- Bass….. 16 year Kiszka brother and the quieter member of Greta Van Fleet, Sam was also born with music in his blood. Whether it’s watching Sam perfect his sound at band practice or showcasing it at live shows, he continues to impress the listeners. Sam, getting to pick the songs to play at practice..well, lets just call that a work in progress.

• Daniel Wagner-Drums….. Daniel's had a knack for music right out of the womb. Like most kids, he pulled out all of the pots and pans every single day and would bang on them with wooden sticks. He got his first electric guitar at age 8 from his grandparents. He began writing his own music by third grade. Daniel has an uncanny ear for music. He was able to pick up almost any instrument and within minutes could play a tune. Throughout the years he's picked up the keyboards, the bass guitar and a huge passion for the drums. At age 11 he bought a second-hand set of drums from his cousin and the house has never been quiet since.

Greta Van Fleet is a blues influenced rock n roll band picking up where classic rock left off


June 06, 2014
Sue White

“Greta Van Fleet floored a room of fellow musicians at this spring's Review Music Awards and the ripples continue as its members channel a whole lotta love into their live performances.”
- Sue White, (Jun 06, 2014)

Review Magazine

January 09, 2014
Bo White

“Greta Van Fleet seemed to emerge from the ether as fully formed prodigies, channeling Led Zeppelin and leaping to the front of the pack. They have the look and sound of classic rockers yet have embraced the earthy realism of singers like Janis Joplin and Buddy Guy and the soulfulness of Sam & Dave. Their talent is breathtaking and their reach is beyond the stratosphere.”
- Bo White, Review Magazine (Jan 09, 2014)

North Star Media

November 08, 2013
John Sepetys

“Greta Van Fleet. They;re a badass new rock band we just signed to our North Star Media roster. One of a handful of musical diamonds I pulled from the 8100+ entries we had in our recent ReverbNation cattle call. But wait, before you start worshipping their awesomeness, it's probably worth pointing out that the average age in this band is 15 1/2 years old. What the hell? Yeah, you heard me right. These are just high school kids. Kids who, when asked, cite majorly rad influences like John Lee Hooker, Cream, Howlin Wolf, and Robert Johnson. Seriously, I'm not kidding. These little dudes are waaaaay ahead of the curve and waaaaay ahead of their time. They totally rock and I'm super psyched to be working with them. Plus, they're local Michigan boys. So that means they're home team. And their doin The Mitten proud.Check ‘em out. It’s really awesome, no bullshit rock and roll. Just the way I love it. And I think you will, too.”
- John Sepetys, North Star Media (Nov 08, 2013)

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