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Singer songwriter, R&B, Zydeco, Southern Soul


HOUSTON TX United States

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Jefferey Osborn, Luther Vandross, Anthony Hamilton, Will Downing, Glenn Jones,



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Member since: 09/07/2013 Year Founded: 2007


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Greg Watson


President, Singer, Songwriter 832.236.0568


  • Original material: 00 hrs : 15 min
  • Average Draw: 300
  • Largest crowd: 0
  • Have sound: Partial PA
  • Original Songs:
  • CDs released: 1
  • CDs sold: 200
  • Digital songs sold: 10


Singer and songwriter Greg Watson is making a name for himself on the Houston R&B music scene. Greg, who describes himself as a crooner with soul ended 2009 with a bang. He opened for musical stars Jeffrey Osborne and Stephanie Mills in the Arena in Houston Texas. He has recently released his first CD, titled, "This Time". It features two songs that have already been well received, "This Time" and "Craving Your Body". Greg's new CD will no doubt increase his fast-growing fan base. In addition to his regular live performances at various Houston venues, He continues to open for such well-known names as Bobby Bland, Regina Bell, Lejit, Glenn Jones and others.

Greg has long admired the singing styles of such stars as Peabo Bryson, Teddy Pendergrass
and the late Donny Hathaway, and now Anthony Hamilton, Brian McKnight, Johnny Guill, ect. He is also a Jeffrey Osborne fan, and was honored to open for him at Houston’s Arena Theatre.
Greg was also blessed to open for Mel Waiters, Bobby Bland, Regina Bell and several other

“Unknown to me,” Greg said, “people who heard me sing at different places were talking to
those involved with the promotion of the Stephanie Mills and Jeffrey Osborne concert. They felt
that I sounded a little like Jeffrey and asked that I be given a chance. I lived out a dream
opening up for two of my favorite singers. That alone is a blessing.”

Greg isn’t content entertaining the community. He also cares about the community, and has
served in Law Enforcement for over 15 years.

A native of Arkansas, Greg, like many R&B performers, first started singing on Sunday
“My grandmother, Rosa Watson made me sing in church when I was little,” he recalled. “It was at Gates Chapel AME church in Crossett, Arkansas, and I was around 10. I was nervous as all get out, but my grandmother wouldn't’ let me get out of the program.”
“In high school,” he continued, “my friends asked me to sing in choir with them and in college, I needed a scholarship. Now, years later, I sing because it makes me feel good!”

In 2013 I was fortunate to meet KHOU 11 news report Mr. Tim Wetzel who heard some of my
music and stated that he liked it. He thought it sounded very professional. I told him that I had
already been on Great Day Houston in the past. He expressed an interest in doing a story on
me. The story aired on 11 news august 6, 2013 at 10pm. I feel like this was a blessing from
God, because after about 7 years I am finally going to take this chance and release my Project,
“Pieces of Me 2.” Composed of song written and sang by me, Greg Watson. It will be released
on Itunes.

Greg hopes that the sky is the limit as far as his career is concerned. “My goals are to develop myself into be the best writer and singer that I can possibly be.” “I would like to create songs that have meaning in the lives of those who listen,” he said, I would like for people not only just to feel the music, but the lyrics as well.” “My lyrics are about real life things, love won, lost and about how we wish things could be.” “I would like for the music to have no barriers to anyone of any background.” “Hopefully, I have a little something that everyone likes and enjoys.” “I want to be successful doing something that I love to do, which is to communicate with others in a way that helps smooth the rocky road of life.” As my grandmother used to tell me about cooking, “Baby, just season it to your taste, if you like it, someone else will.” Thus comes the name, Mr. Seasoning…smile!!!

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