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Location Wells River , VT


15 Mill St. Wells River VT 05081 United States
PHONE 800.639.2033 FAX 802.757.3312 Mailing Address
15 Mill St. / PO Box 753 Wells River 05081


Member since: 09/15/2017 Year Founded: 1986
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Phil Wildenstein

Wells River



Green Mountain Monogram, Inc. (GMM) has been printing and embroidering quality garments for over 30 years! The company was founded by Gene Eastman of Wells River, Vermont in 1986 when he had the opportunity to purchase an embroidery machine from a defunct sporting goods store. Since the company’s inception, GMM has provided the best customer service, competitive pricing, and the highest quality garments and expertise.
Encompassing three warehouses in our small, rural-Vermont town, GMM continues to grow and expand yearly! We can handle any size order, and we are able to incorporate all the latest screen printing and embroidery effects to produce high-quality designs and merchandise.
Award Winning, Knowledgeable, and Dedicated
Skilled providers of screen printing, embroidery, promotional products, and vending event merchandise, Green Mountain Monogram team members are always learning new techniques, trends, and technologies. Our sales staff is the most knowledgeable around, and we pride ourselves in providing great customer service and going the extra mile as often as we can.
As a prestigious Impressions Magazine National Award recipient for quality and attention to detail, Green Mountain Monogram is the number one source for screen printing and embroidery.We cater to individuals, small businesses, large businesses, not-for-profit groups, and teams, and we are experts in providing high-quality merchandise for special events.
Serving All Types of Business;  Specializing in the Automotive Industry
Green Mountain Monogram prints for thousands of companies, but our passion is cars! In fact, if a screen printing project is automotive related, we have a connection to it! Our trusted automotive market relationships have helped GMM grow from a small, garage-run business to a multi-million dollar company producing thousands of garments a week!
Contact us today to discuss how we can help you or your organization with your custom screen-printing or embroidery needs.


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