Grand Marais Music & arts Festival

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Location Grand Marais , MI


P.O.Box 82 Grand Marais MI 49839 United States
PHONE 906.494.2310 FAX 906.494.2480 Mailing Address 82 Grand Marais MI 49839


Member since: 01/19/2014 Year Founded: 1981
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Dave Beckwith

Grand Marais



The Grand Marais Music and arts festival has been bringing music of all genres to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan since 1981. Starting out as a bluegrass festival it has morphed into a eclectic array of sound. We now feature music from most genres including rock, folk, blues, American roots, bluegrass and jazz. We also have vendors in many different arts and crafts from massage therapy to tyedye clothing to photography. And of course food. You do have to bring your own alcoholic refreshments though. Come to the U.P. and visit our fest. August 8,9,10th 2014.Also if your a band looking to play give me a holler, my contact info is on this page.